Jendayi Harris On Communication And Alignment

Because we can actually not realize that we may be really thinking to be in agreement then alignment so we want to be coming from that scene first to understand right the judge that really get how we make alignment happen here and to do that require some conversations that we need to know obviously what the goal is and who’s.

On the team who’s on that bus in order to work with this program or a.

Project that you’re trying to coordinate there and we need those transparent.
Conversations because the loss isn’t about.

Unspoken words we’re not being honest with ourselves or our teams or whoever is involved so that transparent conversations if you want to say anything for free you know and I’m not.

Coming from that greater rough place so just to recap some of the stuff that we talked about today and a few more we need to seek to be an.

Alignment know what is the goal that we’re.

Really working towards and what we want to accomplish and allow for conversation transparent communication which is sometimes fierce sometimes I’ve spoken sometimes uncomfortable sometimes needs courage to happen but coming from a place of assuming the best not operate you’re wrong but how can we really create that collaboration if you haven’t noticed companies these days are.
Moving towards more and more collaboration.

Right is that true for your work environments just more and more collaboration where how do we.

Do that to get the buy-in and that’s where we’re talking about here and then identify where are those values where is the money coming from we’re going towards that we.
May need to identify and looking for those..