How To Create A Product Review Video On Youtube

Hey guys so in this video I want to share with you how to make a review video or download the YouTube YouTube and if you widow so some sometimes you you purchase the product the product is awesome or you are in some company or you are having your own product and you are you you you have access to.

The product and you can make the review and so on but sometimes if the product is you know 997 thousand dollar two thousand three thousand dollar product.

Investment and the vendor is not giving you the access for two days for free to make you.

Leave you then what’s happening you know but you are affiliate for that you need you need a review of that product and how I how I am doing that so for example I was you know the member.

Of high traffic Academy they launched with project breakthrough I was the user of that and I make a review so clean I tell people and you’ll see like three minutes and 29 seconds not nothing like you know hey this will change your.

Life this video do not straight to the point hello this is project breakthrough review I go to this training you get this this does this you will learn all this stuff if you are interested in that go to my website where I am sharing more or I am giving even bonuses that you are just going through or if it is free in this case it was free to join and you I was getting I was getting I think dollar and fifty cents is just somebody like CPA offer if somebody give me name.

An email address so inside I they sell you know a bunch of other stuff so you can be affiliate for that one but it was awesome awesome awesome for me promotion for me it was awesome because I ranked videos maker view ranked videos and I don’t think about you know that I’m guy who is ranking and banking and that’s it you know I’m not thinking about if my channel you know will engage and give the people who.

Know so much subscribers and I don’t care about honestly you know I rank videos and that you know and I’m.

Money that I even don’t know from which we do some videos about three years long three years you know all so this is the example so you are recording the review without all you are making for YouTube a.

Teaser video that you rank a teaser video and then you’re big a review video is on your site where you give people reviews.

And tell them click here because I will give you some kind of bonuses and so on but there is a time when you like preparing you are preparing something.

You are preparing something for example maybe you found five keywords about dog training and so on and then you hear that’s what happened to me about cpa masters academy like cpa masters academy cpa masters academy so they are launching out it will be and i know these guys that they will have a huge launch.

So I need to make video quickly you know but I didn’t really have the time to you know set up the bonuses and so on something like let’s you know let’s put they are video on my youtube channel that’s it you know they have a review we know and you know a lot of people will you know we’ll a lot of you know vendors will tell you okay yeah you know download that video put on your channel cook your affiliate link and that’s it why not you know.

They want you know the sales because you they give you fifty percent commission so when you see something like that you know and I will explain you you know later on you will see how.

We are in the module six where I teach is really step by step crazy you know how to dominate YouTube just go to the way on a sales page especially for jvzoo product you have a demo video and.

You don’t want you are shiny you don’t want to record the video awesome just go pick that video go to Google you know download YouTube video online and this clip convert is awesome paste your link just paste your link on this side and you will download widow or I’m using this only video download and you have all the resources in the resources area so I’m using this this is free tool yeah free to for YouTube for YouTube and dailymotion just you know place a paste your.

Link in this software it will upload with all click download and you have that you know video you know and if you don’t want you know if you don’t want to like go go here and but this is awesome – you know because you will need that if you are going to work with this methods that you.

Are you know build the channels that we show you when we get to the channel you want this you want this because you can just go online this is this review widow isn’t view video of this vendor so you you just you know go here and.
In next video I will show you know how to.

Edit the video how you can even edit the video that it can be like your your video review so basically that’s it you know I’m blabbering blabbering so if you want.
To record the video awesome you know record the video.

With Camtasia with screen o.

Matic whatever you softer want to use make the video in the video review hotel this is the review for prod welcome to project break to review or in this case after welcome to cpa masters academy review I will reveal seal boom boom boom you know what they are getting and so on but in this case I just download the video using clip.

Convert dot CC you know or going to me video downloader and just download that software on your PC and boom click paste your link click download and it will download it will download your video and you will have video read final sometimes you know it’s working my PC is working.
Like crazy sometimes is like loading loading loading loading so just placed.

A link just place your link here face boom and continue to check yeah you see.

Okay this is the video YouTube quality you know yeah you know 400 P yeah awesome boom start start using boom it will download to your PC and you have now this video so everything clear boom you know copy.

That link paste that link to clip convert that CC that’s it all download me video.

Downloader you know and you can basically get what you want whatever video so see you in the next video take care.