Top 3 Best Evaporative Coolers Reviews In 2018 – Which Is The Best Evaporative Cooler For Home

Quillo naturally humidifies the air to rehydrate your skin just be sure to fill up the tank with water what’s more with the detachable power cord the krill is extremely compact lightweight and portable making it.

Easy to store when you don’t.

Need it as you can see the quillo is a fan and evaporative air cooler and a humidifier all rolled into one when you add water in the tank quillo evaporative cooling technology rapidly reduces the temperature.

Of incoming warm air creating a refreshing cool breeze cooler not only naturally cools and humidifies a room but it’s also energy efficient.

Compact lightweight and portable it’s surprisingly powerful it truly is a marriage of design and engineering here to tell you the secret behind the quillo is our project manager hi nishan oh hi there yes our secret lies in our Universal DC.

Motor which is the type typically used in battery-powered devices like laptops unlike an AC motor which is typically used in most air conditioners and air coolers this also makes the quillo very energy efficient it consumes a fraction of the electricity.

Of an air-conditioner in fact it consumes as little electricity as charging a lightbulb or as charging your iPad the quilo was designed by an award-winning German design agency we asked the agency to reflect the essence.

Its performance and portability in a design that enhances your space with a patent-pending brushless DC motor technology we designed a unit with a highly controllable airflow which you can keep on high in the.

In the winter for humidifying thank you for that Nishant the first batch of quill o’s are already under production you can get your quill O’s through this campaign at a super low price so everyone can see the life-changing benefits of having a quill o in your home as we head towards mass production.

We need your support to get the word out about a breakthrough new product.