"minimal" : Rinseless Wash – Greenway's Car Care Products

Hey guys welcome to detail TV today we’re going to be reviewing minimal from Green Wave’s car care products let’s check it out all right so minimal is a rinse less wash product it’s highly diluted highly concentrated this can be diluted down to half an ounce to one ounce per gallon of water so that would be 256 to one.
Or 128 to one minimums designed to work on a.

Lot of different surfaces like paint leather plastic vinyl glass and it even works as a great clay lube and it’s also.
Silicone free so it’s bodyshop safe now it’s versatility and.

Dilute ability is right in line with what we see from the other rinses washes on the market.

Such as optimum no rinse wipe out by American detailer garage and echo by car Pro rentals products have become very popular for essentially every surface just because of their modest cleaning ability and they’re not gonna leave behind any harsh cleaners or chemicals or anything like that now I’m sure that there are other options out.

There but aside from this and the other ones that I mentioned there really isn’t a whole lot to choose from.

Looking for a rinse less wash like this the rinse list market is still kind of a niche market you could say it has exploded a lot recently in the last few years but you still have a lot of those skeptics that prefer to use a regular car soap or don’t really trust in the rinse list system I.

Personally use a lot of rinse list product because I love the dilute ability and just the great value that it adds with how many different surfaces it can be used on so speaking about value let’s talk about price.

Point for minimal minimal comes in at 30 dollars 99 cents for a gallon now as far as my research goes that’s pretty much the cheapest rinse less wash that you’re gonna get one really cool thing that Green Wave’s does offer is they offer these in smaller sizes obviously what I have here is not a gallon size this is an 8 ounce size that’s gonna run you a $5.
99 they also have a 16 ounce size which is $9.

99 and they have a 32 ounce size which is 1699 and.

I’ve also received word that they’re adding a 4 ounce size 64 ounce size and a 5 gallon size for guys that.

Really blow through a lot of product now I think it’s great that greenways has these smaller size options if you’re a weekend warrior you know you don’t necessarily need a full gallon because you know it could easily last you a few years if you’re.

Washing your car every other weekend or once a month or something like that and it’s also great for those.
It before they buy it you know an 8-ounce like I said is only $5.
99 so you’re not really putting out a lot of investment.

To try out a product and see if it fits your needs personally with me being a professional detailer I’ll typically only buy products and sizes of gallons if I know I’m gonna use it a lot but again you know this is great for those weekend warrior guys or you know like myself here where I’m just going to test the product you know and see how I like it so.

Some quick notes about minimal it has a great very scent to it it’s nothing that’s really overwhelming.

It’s not gonna give you a headache you know if you’re using it all day long but if you like working with products that smell good you know this is gonna fit the bill for you one thing that really did surprise me was as I was prepping my wash bucket and diluting this into the water the water really didn’t change any color so you know typically when you’re using a rinse less product you know for example.

Onr or wipeout you know the water becomes that bluish color as you download it into it.

Now I’m not really saying that’s.

A bad thing it really didn’t bother me at all but I.

Know for you know some people this may be an issue you know especially if you’re doing fleet work I know some guys.

Prep a lot of buckets it’s not gonna be easy for you to distinguish whether or not the buckets been prepped so just something to keep in mind again for.

Me and my uses I’m usually emptying my bucket after every wash so you know it really does make a big difference for me but just something to keep in mind so overall.

Performance wise I thought that minimal did very well it handled like dirt and grime on the exterior pretty much as I expected you know.

This isn’t going to be a heavy tar or bug guts remover so you’re still gonna want to have those dedicated products for those certain scenarios I thought it did really well on glass and also made a great clay lube now for.

Glass and clay Lube I used it at 32 to 1 and on glass I really didn’t see much of.

A streaking and as a clay lube it had great lubricity now I will say that I don’t think it has quite the cleaning ability that wipeout’ does but again for the entry pricier this is.

Almost half the price I believe so just something to keep.

In mind one important thing to note is that this is strictly a cleaner you know there are a lot of products out there that are wash and wax and you know contains.

Some sort of protective quality in it this does not so if you’re looking for something that’s you know gonna clean and protect at.

The same time this is not going to be the best option for you but if you’re someone that add a separate LSP after they finished cleaning the car this is gonna be a good option to go with there’s not gonna be any waxes in here that’s gonna prohibit your separate LSP from behaving accordingly now I use this product on quite a.

Few maintenance details that I did typically for the harsher areas of the vehicle like the wheels I just let a towel soak in the bucket for a little bit wring it out till it was pretty dry and then wipe down the wheels and it did a pretty good.

Know the light brake dust and things like that now.

Of course in true rinses fashion I had to try this on the interior and I tested it on pretty.

Much every surface and it handled really well now of course this isn’t gonna be.

A product for heavy staining or grease removal so you’re still gonna want that APC handy but if you’re using it for just a light dust clean up this is a great option now this does leave just a matte finish so it’s great for guys that want to come back with a separate dressing and apply a shot that way.

Just like most of the other rinse list products on the market this really isn’t going to replace any one product entirely but it combines.

A lot of products in the one that you know depending on what you’re working on can.

Really become the sole product for many cases as I’ve been saying you’re still gonna want dedicated cleaners and protectants and things like that for those separate scenarios but overall like I said I thought minimal handled really well especially when you consider the price per gallon so what’s the verdict honestly minimal is a great.

Product that does exactly what I expected it to do with a great entry price and the smaller size options it’s a really attractive product for guys that are either.

On a budget or those who really don’t want to purchase a gallon it may not have quite that high of cleaning ability such as some of the other ones that are on.

The market but the product definitely earns a spot on the shelf thanks for checking out the review guys if you’ve ever used minimal make sure to comment below on your thoughts about the product and if you have any questions let me know and I’ll try to answer them as.

Quick as possible thanks for watching guys I’ll see you next time.