Lionel Amtrak F40ph

Hi I’m Eric Siegel with Eric’s Transcom alright folks here it is by popular demand you’ve been asking for this for years and so today we’re gonna be taking a look at the new three rail o scale Amtrak EMD f40 pH from my NL alright so let’s go over some history on the f40 pH the f40 pH is a.

Four axle BB diesel-electric locomotive built by AMD in several variants between 1975 and 1992 originally intended for use on Amtrak’s short haul passenger routes it eventually became the backbone.

Of Amtrak’s diesel fleet after the failure of the EMDs dp4 TF and the GE p 30 CH as most of you.

1971 and in the years immediately after its formation Amtrak relied on.

The aging and mechanically incompatible fleet of diesel locomotives that it had inherited from the various private railroads that had preceded its formation so to replace these Amtrak ordered 150 EMDs T P 40 F locomotives which began entering service in 1973 and they also ordered 25 GE P 30 CH locomotives which entered service in 1975.
Well the STP 40 F was a problem child from the get-go.

And problems with weight distribution led to a series of derailments in the mid-1970s meanwhile the poor truck design of the P 30 CH kept Amtrak from ordering more of those and so in the spring of 1975 Amtrak found itself needing more short and medium distance.

Locomotives so the first batch of 30 f40 ph’s entered service on April 9th 1976 hauling short to medium length routes but its superior performance eventually led to it being a workhorse on Amtrak’s and longer routes as well eventually that initial fleet of 30 f40 ph’s would grow to a total of 216 and.

It would prove so reliable that by the early 1990s only four of them had been retired the f40 pH also proved popular on.

Other railroads too and became quite common on commuter railroads in the US and Canada by the time it was all said and done over 500 f40 PHS were manufactured Amtrak retired its fleet of f40 PHS in the mid 1990s in favor of the GE Genesis but the locomotive remains a mainstay of via rails long distance trains and it is also a common sight.
On many other commuter railroads throughout the United States in.

Addition Amtrak has kept a number.

Of D engine deaf forty ph’s in use as cab cars now let’s talk about Lionel’s rendition of the f40 pH Lion L offer this model in their 2016 volume one catalog and then.

These things arrived in mid 2017 now line L has made seven different versions of the f40 pH available for sale six of them are done in an Amtrak paint scheme the other one is done in a CSX paint scheme now of the six Amtrak units two of them are done in a Phase two paint scheme like we have here and both.

Of those units have the window guards up front we’ll talk more about those later they also did two of these powered units in.

A phase three paint scheme now if you remember a minute ago I said that when Amtrak retired these engines they kept some of them in service as engine lists cab control units and so line L has actually modeled this they’ve made two cabbage units available in.

Phase three paint schemes now let’s go over some stats on this model the length of the engine without the couplers is just under 14 inches the weight is three pounds 14.