Product Empties For August & September 2017

Hi guys it’s Mary welcome back to pretty family today we’re gonna do em days yeah I was actually smart enough this time to only Julian I’m gonna get the bag half full first thing in the bag is this by diffusion women’s they’re gummy vitamins yeah um yeah they were yummy and I really liked um but they have three.

Carbs in two of these so that’s when you are watching your cards.

And you’re limiting yourself to you know just a few cards a day you can’t be having carbs in your vitamins so I like Tom but I mean I should it’s like right there but.

You guys know me and I typically hit the floor with things all the time got to be rocking it forever style jaw shampoo I love this so yeah I will buy this again.

This stuff smells pretty good and I found it to be a delightful I found it.

To be a very nice dry shampoo I went through of win okay this looks you guys know I’m a win girl and this is sweet almond mint I’ve not been using it as much as normal because I have been using.

Kenra products on my hair color treated hair and stuff but ultimately I’ll probably go right back to when and for those of you who I know are going to ask no my hair never thinned out or fell out from using win so I don’t know if it’s because I always stuck to the original sweet almond mint or what the deal is.

But I never had a problem hey I am out of my Mac prep and prime and I broke this again I know back to Mac thing but they won’t take it back if you break.

It and I wanted to open this and use it.

For something else I wanted to use it for just water but now I broke the sucker and now the thingy doesn’t work in just take.

My word for it I broke it this toothpaste I know why am i showing you toothpaste well because not all sensitive toothpaste so the thing a lot of them have whitening in them.
Which kind of undoes the whole sensitive thing for me so but this one by.

Colgate is doesn’t have the whitening stuff in it so solid I went through a well close enough I am NOT gonna mess with that sliver this is.

Nasty looking I went through one of these I’m not going to repurchase this I’m gonna try not to because it’s expensive.

For what it is right now I am using a black African so that Tristan three-two-one recommended and I’ve been using it when it’s gone I’ll figure out what I’m gonna do next roller lash I love roller lash I probably won’t buy roller lash though anymore because they have a spokesperson I don’t like now okay when it goes back to the.

Regular packaging that I might this is in here every month gray away my ever Pro will always buy this is covergirl plumpify blast.

Pro mascara wow that was hard.

There um now you can’t tell cuz it’s all black now but when I first got this you know looking at the watch should have told me something there are these red like round plastic coating you torture devices on this i hurt my eye on my eyelids putting this on I hurt myself not to mention it takes four coats to build this up you like put.

It on and you know how it touches the base of your yeah well yeah hurt me it likes was cutting me not really that it felt like it and I I said hey I said hey I said hey I don’t like that stuff it’s not delightful I will never buy it again I went through a trial size by Facel by Lancome.

Holy grail for me love this stuff and now I’m working on the big wooden that Kristen King got me to my friend and she got.

Me a big bottle I need a serious as big as my head guys and I was like never wanting to open.

It I wanted to cherish it forever but now it’s opened and I’m using it loved this and went through an age rewind I always take the sponge off these and then I use a brush to I think it’s a little more hygienic but this stuff is.

Great these are little shavers that I got.

At the drugstore and I think a lot of people probably like them they have these cute little blades on them stuff button in there just aa big girl okay I think.

I’ll try and put a picture of that here cuz that doesn’t sound very good so these here no I don’t really it’s not called mozu oh okay it’s monser.

Mangia Mangia Mangia I don’t know how you say it it’s translated mr. big mascara by Lancome and congratulations Lancome ding-ding-ding-ding you made a mascara that I don’t like I don’t like it a lot no this stuff transfers it does a pretty good job and make a big lashes looking.

All pretty and everything but it transfers and there’s only one other mascara that transfers on me so long comb shame on you back yeah Lancome okay next thing we all know and I feel about this right this is that primer remember that I was just kept going on and on about in this get ready with me don’t like this no no no no no oh I.

Shouldn’t have done that though because guess where that’s going I’m gonna ship that off to Laura it’s still okay.

Laura it was in a rubbery tube you know it’s okay I’m gonna send that off to Laura and let her.

To check it out against her.

Other ones see is it the shade champagne is that the problem is.

That old maybe that’s an old tube and that’s why it was doing it because she loves that stuff so not enough that she went and bought more of them so it could be there’s something.

Wrong with that gym diva vitamin C it’s a vitamin C Emma trixl 3000 now you’re probably going wait a minute why are you using that you’re not supposed.

To be using that because you’re doing the whole drunk elephant thing right you’re right.

I am what I was doing with this is putting it down my decollete okay my.

Neck and decollete was receiving this.

Instead of the drunk elephant because I well we’ll talk about that when we do the thing I’m drunk elephant but I am out of this I’m not going to throw it I don’t believe it that it is an.

Awful product Chanel oh man I love this this is the Chanel Mademoiselle Chanel Mademoiselle okay.

I I do love that and I might ask for that for Christmas well this is oaky eyes my favorite ornament it’s a gold glitter or rather it used to be it is all stuck what there’s you can’t even thin that what happened to that I don’t know so so you guys know I build my own nails and I do it with this IBD the IBD hard gel.

Uld and led and UV builder now the one I was using.

Before this one was for UV lamps only this will cure in an LA.

LED lamp so I got it now this stuff is like I don’t know sixteen dollars for this little thing all right look what you’re supposed to cover this before you put your fingers in the lamp to.

Cure I’m showing you this because it’s now supposed to be that thick why is it that thick because it got hit it it was like way around the corner from the.

LED lamp like the LED lamp lived here and this was around the corner behind a cup not indirect now and for 30 seconds it made this stuff too hard to even work with so it was wasted I do things differently now now each time I use it I cap it and put it under a cup and the.

Measures I go to our extreme that let this serve as a warning to you if you decide to take a brush and build your own gel nails and you’re using the led one by gosh.

You better Kappa this before you turn on that lamp sure your nails and the last thing is this empty bottle of eyelash serums as they go they’re pretty expensive like upwards of a hundred bucks but the care.

Process you can get for like 30 bucks I wish you could see through the bottle because you don’t know when you’re running out and which that was the case with this I didn’t know I was running out and then it was too late and but anyway I don’t have 30 bucks to be spending an eyelash serum like this.

Anymore I mean not right now so what I did instead was bought myself a big old bottle of black.

Castor oil and I’ve been putting that on my eyelashes I’ve not been doing it long enough to tell you whether or not it works as well as this or not I will do that though at some point but this is fantastic so you may see my eyelashes starting to diminish and go away and if so you know it’s because I’m out of my care prost and haven’t bought more and if you don’t see them.

Diminishing go away you’ll know that the black castor oil works I.

Mean I’ve heard it works but doesn’t work as good as my Cara Proust we shall see I don’t know thank you so much for coming to see me today and being the best part of the ritzy family and if you’re not part of the fitzy family you fix that real easily boots goes Reimer by hitting the subscribe button below it’s read and make it so it’s not read please you click that and then next.

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