Boxycharm October 2018 Review + Demo | Pur Cosmetics Midnight Masquerade Eyeshadow Palette

Collection I’ve never owned a color like this one and it turned out beautiful on my lids and in the future whenever I’m thinking of potentially doing.

Like a blue look I will consider using this one because it did not let me down I do feel like the palette is a little bit on the pricier side it’s $38 almost 40 and it doesn’t give you everything that you need to create.

A full look I feel like palettes that are in that price range you can get palettes that do give you like a wider range of shadows that you would need.

Free look for able to look like this.

And that would be even a little bit more affordable or if you are looking for a pellet that is in this price range.

I think you can get better quality just for a few dollars more I’m thinking like in the Anastacio range so I do feel that it is a little bit on the pricier side but it’s still a pretty good palette and that is that for this video you guys alter all of my thoughts when it comes.

To this month’s box my boxy term for the month of October I really did enjoy playing with these products I loved that there was a little bit more skincare and here because my skin definitely didn’t need it after doing a lot more.

Different makeup looks and more often let me know in that comment section down below what you got in this month’s box if you are a subscriber of boxycharm worth your thoughts where did you enjoy the products that you received and anything in between if you have any questions on the products that I use today on the makeup look itself let me know in.

That comment section down below I’d love to hear from you I’ve been really loving just interacting with you guys and just the fact.

Guys were even here watching my videos I am floored and I’m super happy about that but definitely like a little bit of a rough week for me at work it wasn’t my best week yet it was just a week of like one.

Struggle after the other in just a lot of situations that are that were foreign to me when it comes to like the workplace and it’s just a lot of conflict and different things like that but just coming in here.

In the weekends I film on Saturdays and just being able to like dive in and just like mmm just like dive into this little space that I have to film it’s been wonderful and I really do hope that you guys are enjoying this kind of content because it’s what I love.

To do I feel like sometimes we get a little bit down or I feel down when I see other pages with this like absolutely amazing and killer artistry all of these wonderful artists with that are like super super talented and then just kind of like kills your confidence a little bit and it just makes you think like I.

Said worth it it’s a makeup industry too cluttered by now is it even like worth it to do these videos but when I get to Sachi and playing and doing all of these things with makeup I just love it too much to like let it go you know so that’s what makes it all worth.

It just at the end of the week when I get to like sit down and play with makeup play it’s kind of like painting but on my face and it’s just releasing all of my creative juices.

And what I have to offer it just it eases my mind and it just makes my heart happy especially this week after the work week that I.

Had on my heart just feels happy to be sitting down and playing with makeup and creating it look like this one but anywho aside of all of that I just want to thank you guys so much for being here for subscribing again if you.

Did like this video go ahead and give.

It a big ol thumbs up and subscribe to my channel the quality in my videos I know it’s not like the best I am working on getting like better lighting and really like studying how to like make this room this working space that I have to work with a little bit better for you guys so that you get like the best experience that you can when you come to my channel so yeah I want to thank you.

Guys so much for being here thank you so much for watching for taking that time and watching my videos I hope you’re having a wonderful day wherever you are and if you’re going through anything rough just stay positive push through it and find that that thing that makes your heart jump with happiness and pursue those things because they are worth pursuing thank you so much for being here and hopefully I will see you right here on my.