Boxycharm October 2018 Review + Demo | Pur Cosmetics Midnight Masquerade Eyeshadow Palette

Shade sneak-peek now when it comes to the shade sneak-peek this one was my least favorite in this palette because it.

Is a little bit muddy and it’s not as smooth as I would have wanted it is.

A little bit tough to like really get a good blend who you do have to pack on the color you do have to.

Layer it to get that pigmentation that you.

Would want in a color like this so that was my least favorite color in the palette and then after that I am using on my lids the colors mask off and Showtime now this is the second eye look that I have done using this palette and the first look that I did I just took show time all over my lid and it was super easy to work.

With that’s the most beautiful shade in here at actually mask off and Showtime.

Are both my favorite shadows in this palette because they just go on super smoothly you can even just take you like your finger go into Showtime that blue shade and just drag it all over your lid it’s gonna be a breeze to put it on and get that bold pigment that you want same thing with masks now I do recommend doing your eyes.

First and then your foundation because you are gonna get fallout with these shadows but nothing too bad that you can’t just like to wipe out super easily but I really do love those two shadows so much now like.

I mentioned on my lower lashline I am using both reveal and disguise and I absolutely loved the shade reveal that blush shade it’s super smooth and it’s super I mean it’s beautifully pigmented it’s super smooth and I absolutely loved it as a shadow again I need it all over my lids like right now and then to deepen out my outer V’s right here I use at 12 a. again another beautiful super pigmented shadow I loved it a lot again I think the only shadow.

That I wasn’t too sure about to a sneak peek that matte shade in here the shimmers are absolutely gorgeous I think like the overall point for me when it comes to this palette being an all-in-one is that I need.

More mattes in here I’m kind of like realizing that all of these the four face colors and five out of the six shadows in here are shimmer so I do need more mats for this to be a none grab-and-go palette for me to do like everyday looks but if you are someone who does like working with a lot of shimmers for your.

Eye looks then this one’s gonna be one that you are going to enjoy and finally on my inner corners I am using the shade exposed it’s this one right here it’s a beautiful silver color I do wish however that this shade was a little bit more smooth and all just a tiniest bit more pigmented I feel like.

When I was placing it on my inner corners I had to be like really careful and not.

Swiping and just like really packing it on so that it wouldn’t like poof like I don’t like fluff everywhere with glitter it’s a shade that I just again I needed a little bit more or smoothness and pigmentation out of it overall I just loved playing with this eyeshadow palette so much I really loved it I think this color is so unique it’s a beautiful like greenish gold that I’ve never seen before and it’s a color that’s.