Boxycharm October 2018 Review + Demo | Pur Cosmetics Midnight Masquerade Eyeshadow Palette

A palette that you can grab travel with and you’re supposed to get everything you need in one palette but for me I feel that if I will if I would consider traveling with this one I would still need.

Additional products another bronzer another I would want another highlight for this.

Palette I would still need my transition shades to create full full eye shadow looks when it comes to just doing everyday looks and doing nighttime looks as well for.

Me personally when I’m starting out and I shadow look I always like to go in with a bone shade and just go all over the lid to get that blank late to start and eyeshadow look and.

Then I also like to start with a cool almost.

Like the color of my bronzer or sometimes I’ll use my bronzer for a really good transition shade just to go in all over the crease so I didn’t get either of those shadow options in my palettes here so if I were to take this palette as a like go-to easy just throw.

It in my travel back and go and get everything you need in one I wouldn’t count on this one to do that now that’s not to say that the colors in here aren’t too beautiful.

Because they are absolutely stunning you get one highlighter that’s called Twilight you get two blushes which are modern secrets and reveal for darker skin tones and you get the shade and gentlement – which I believe it’s supposed to be a bronzer now I wouldn’t use enchantment for a bronzer because it does have a lot of shimmer in.

There when it comes to the highlight I really did appreciate that it wasn’t too glittery I do love highlighters.

That are just like soft and that they’re kind of like what looking and I feel like this highlighter did give me that it’s just like a beautiful.

Light on your skin and it’s not gonna be too glittery again it’s not chunky it’s super smooth it’s beautiful I just would have wanted a little bit more pop and a little and a highlighter that was a little bit more blending the blushes in here are.

Absolutely beautiful and super pigmented so do make sure to go in with a very light hand because they do pack a lot of pigment and now the shade reveal I’m actually using on the inner portion of my lower lash line right here.

And I loved it even more than the actual purple in here this purple I’m using it on the outer portion of my lower lash line and I just wanted at the end I started out using this one but when I went in with the blush color on my inner corners I just went in all of the way and I just would rather use this.

One all the way on my lower lash line because it was a beautiful super pigmented and super smooth color I loved it and I love that I have.

For a pie shadow I really want to use that shade reveal all over my lid for an upcoming now when it comes to the look that I have going on right now I did start out with the Urban Decay primer potion just to.

Really prime my lids to make sure that my eyeshadows would stay in place then I went in with my translucent powder set that in the eyes and as far.

As my transition shade my bronzer just to go in all over the crease and then after that I deepened out my crease using the.