Boxycharm October 2018 Review + Demo | Pur Cosmetics Midnight Masquerade Eyeshadow Palette

Cleanse now after using this mask I really do recommend to you moisturize moisturize moisturize because your skin is going to feel a little bit tight a little bit on.

The drier side so really make sure to go in with.

Your go-to moisturizer and just bring all of that moisture back into your skin this mask is on the pricier side it retails for $30 and you get two applications out of it but I feel like it would be.

A really good product if you just want to.

Pamper yourself spoil yourself it works and it’ll definitely help you clean up your skin from within and the second.

I got on my boxycharm box was the green clean makeup melt away cleansing balm by.

Pharmacy and it says that’s made exclusively for a boxycharm which I.

Thought it was really neat it says it’s a nourishing facial cleansing balm that melts away makeup and pollution residue even the.

Boldest eye makeup and long wear foundation is easily removed leaving skin hydrated and silky smooth now it was really funny because this week I actually got to cleansing foams the other one that.

I received to this week was the ponds cleansing balm that does.

The same thing melts makeup and moisturizes skin it’s this one right here and I got this one on my Influenster box so I got the chance to basically compare these two now both of these do different things now.

This one right here the pants one it’s of course a more affordable option it’s eight dollars and this one claims to do both remove makeup and cleanse your skin now full disclosure I’m not a big fan of like.

Makeup removing balms I feel like they’re too messy and I’m just like very religious too when it comes to my Neutrogena makeup remover towelettes these ones right.

Here I feel like just taking a little white B and just.

Removing all of the makeup and then throwing away the wipe is a much easier process then like going into a balm and then spreading all of that out and wiping it off and it gets all over your hands and it’s just a messy process for environmental I do understand that.

This is a cleaner process I will I will say that but for me and my makeup routine and my skincare routine I just feel that I going in with a makeup wipe first is going to work out better and.

It’s easier now going back to the boss because I’ve been using both of these all week long this one the smell of this one just reminded me of like.

Childhood and like the very first moisturizers that my mom bought me so just getting to smell that again it just took me back but this one claims that it’s like both a makeup remover and that.

It’s also a cleanser now I do agree that it just melts away all of the makeup I will like spread it around all over my face and then just like start wiping and then on the eyes I just like close my eyes and like wipe the top of my lashes and that was my very first thing that.

I was super nervous about just getting the product in my eyes but then when you use it more you get used to it full disclosure again this is the very first time that I’m using makeup remover balms now with this one once.

Like melted away you go in with water and it starts foaming up activating that cleansing property in the ponds once so once you start wiping all you do is just start spreading spreading spreading and really like cleaning your entire face you can even go.

With one of those like rotating brushes and just go on top of that because it.

Will foam up and clean your face it does a wonderful job of.

Cleaning but for me I think it’s just like a psychological thing that I just when I wiped it off I feel like I needed to go in with another cleanser just to really get rid of all of that makeup because I feel like even when you go in with your bump first and then it starts to foam up you’re still like scrubbing your makeup all over your face and it like.

The but bacteria is still there if that makes sense I don’t know again it’s maybe like a psychological thing.

That I feel like I have to like wash it off and then go into another cleanser which again create another process which again it’s another.

Extra product that I would have to use and it’s another like wash it’s it’s a little bit Messier so I don’t know again I’ve been using both.

Of these all week and they’ve done a wonderful job at cleaning.

Have to go in or I do go in with a cleanser afterwards now it comes to this one this one does not have the cleanser properties that this one has and this one is 20 bucks.

But it has a beautiful like a beautiful clean kind of like cucumber smell to it it’s very fresh it’s super.

Nice and it does again it does work to just melt away all of your makeup so if you are a fan of these makeup removing bumps then you have two really good options.

Right here other than the Clinique one because I believe that Clinique one is more expensive than these two so here’s two other options if you’re looking for something that’s like another alternative to that and this one’s really affordable this one’s around 20 bucks so it’s totally up to you and your personal preference and the next product that I got in this month’s box was the it cosmetics superhero mascara and this.

Is the product that I was talking about in the beginning that I said that I kind of went from feeling and about it to really loving this mascara this mascara is so wonderful I just like lengthening your lashes the one thing that.

I will say is that the want itself does grab a lot of products so it’s super easy to like make your lashes look clumpy so really be careful about that you don’t need a lot do you really want to make sure to like wipe away all.

Of like the excess product on your mascara wand and then go into your lashes you want.

To be careful in not making them.

Look too clumpy so it’ll less us more when it comes to this mascara that’s what I’m trying to say so just be very careful about that but it will do a beautiful beautiful job at lengthening I’ve been using it every single day since I received it and I’ve been loving it.

And it goes to show that you really have to use a product more than once to really know how you feel about it I.

My lower lashes and my top lashes I am wearing falsies though I am trying out the Ardell foaming Krispies in the style whispies so it’s these ones right here I do have to say that they looked fuller in the packaging I don’t feel like they’re as bold and as traumatic as I would have wanted these lashes to be but I’m trying them out and so far so good I.

Feel like this would be a better a more appropriate everyday lash instead of lashes for a bold look like this one but we’re trying them out and giving.

Them a shot but I really do recommend this mascara if you want to try it out and go ahead you will not be disappointed once again just go in with a light hand when you go into your.

Lashes and the next product that I received in this month’s box was the Kat Von D liquid lipstick in the shade it’s this beautiful color right here it’s my very first time trying out her lippies I’ve heard wonderful things about them this is the swatch of the actual product as you can see it’s like a pinky with like a blue purple undertones to it it’s a beautiful like a berry pink color I did try it out with this eye look just to show you application and how easy it is for you to.

Get like a precise application because of this doe foot applicator it’s really small so it’s really it really allows you to get in with a lot.

Of detail on your lips the opacity and the pigment is there it’s not too drying which is usually like my my discomfort with liquid lipsticks they usually.

Like super dry my lips and my lips are usually super chapped so I don’t want anything that’s gonna dry them even further so this one didn’t do that it is comfortable it’s super pigmented once again and it’s just a really beautiful color.

But with this look right here I’m not wearing it today obviously but because it didn’t.

Go with my eyes but it’s a beautiful color I would save it for those more summer times I feel like when it comes to the fall I enjoy more of the nudes.

And the red the dark currents the cherries and these colors I will use more towards the.

Summer with some very beautiful softer eye looks and done my lips today just FYI I is the flower beauty matte lipstick in the shade cinnamon crush and last but certainly not least is the palette that I was included in this month’s box which was the pure midnight masquerade face palette it’s this little guy right here and I.

The bat that this palette was not my favorite not because of the formula or how it performed but because of the colors and once again whenever I get like a lot of bold and different.

Colored shadows in one palette I do get a little bit like confused as to how to use it and how to go about using this kind of a palette.

So what I will do in these cases is just hop onto the boxycharm Instagram page and get some inspiration search on the hashtag boxycharm and I’ll usually get some inspiration from other girls who’ve used of the palettes just to like really get a sense.

On how I can mix colors and so on when you open up the palette it smells like cocoa it smells like chocolates and here the face colors do.

You have a beautiful like chocolaty smell and the reason also that I wasn’t a fan of this palette is because this kind of a palette is meant to be a all in one palette.