Boxycharm October 2018 Review + Demo | Pur Cosmetics Midnight Masquerade Eyeshadow Palette

If you want to see how I achieved this look and what my thoughts.
Are on my boxycharm box for the month of October then please stay on.

And keep on watching alright guys so in this month’s box we got two skin care products and the very first one was one that I was super excited about I just love getting skin care in these boxes and the very first one is this mask that we got and it’s the derma via lace appeal with compression technology black bamboo charcoal peel-off mask and I was so.

Excited to get a product like.

This because as soon as I started doing a little bit more YouTube videos and filming more with makeup I noticed that my skin was getting a little bit too dirty and my pores were getting like superclocked with all of that gunk and I just it was.

Just screaming for a really deep cleaning so I was really stoked to get this mask right here and it’s a really interesting one.

It’s a little bit too complicated in my opinion to use but it worked absolutely wonderful.

It it says that it uses a naturally blended peel paste formulated with bamboo charcoal aloe vera and.

Chamomile in conjunction with a compression lace mask to support the peel process and instantly turn dull complexion into radiant skin.
So this is basically a peel-off mask a detox mask that’s gonna help you get.

The deepest of cleanses in your face so what you do is basically you get a little tip and I’m gonna do inserts of what my process was for using this mask you get a little tube.

With a dark paste on it you spread that out all over your face and I didn’t notice that it wasn’t going like as smooth so you do have to work to get an even layer of that paste all over your face so and it’s gonna take you a little while and then after you put on the paste all over your face you take out the black lace mask from your pouch and then put it on top.

Of that so what’s gonna happen is that the black lace mask is going to like stick to the piece that you have underneath so you really want to make sure to press that lace onto that.

Layer of the gel and then you like to loop it around your ear so that it’s really tight and then it has like a chin like a little chin part too so you pull it up and then once again loop it around your ears now the reason that you.

To make sure to press that lace on your skin is because after you’ve left it there for like 15 to 20 minutes it says in the instructions what you’re gonna do is peel it off so your lace is gonna help you literally peel off that paste that’s underneath and then after that all of the rest to do.

You just wash all of that often your skin is going to feel so so clean that’s how my skin felt I felt my skin like just super like it.

Literally felt like a blank slate super clean and it absolutely helped me when it comes to the blackheads that I was starting to get in.

This nose area from once again using a lot of heavy makeup because I started to film more makeup looks and things like that some light my skin definitely needed that that really deep.