Boxycharm October 2018 Review + Demo | Pur Cosmetics Midnight Masquerade Eyeshadow Palette

Hey guys welcome back to my channel welcome to another boxycharm review video this week we are going to be reviewing the boxycharm box for the month of october you guys have been really enjoying these kinds of videos I’ve seen that a lot more people are engaging in those and things like that so I’m super stoked about that because.

These are the videos that I absolutely love to do these are one of my favorites and I love bringing you all.

Of the details and all of my thoughts when it comes to boxycharm products that I.

Receive boxycharm has been such a wonderful beauty subscription box I’ve been enjoying so much just getting all of those full-sized products products that I’ve been able to add it to my collection products that I would never would have thought to go into a store to purchase that specific product if that makes sense and it just makes me super excited that you guys are enjoying that and I just think that boxycharm is such a wonderful subscription box if you’re looking to build to.

Your kit I think this is really gonna help you out I feel like you get a good variety of products.

You get everyday products you get like bold eyeshadows same products you get a lot of skincare in there too so it’s just a wonderful service if you are starting out in makeup so in this video I’m gonna be showing you all of the products that I got in this month’s box this is.

The look that I came up with and I absolutely adore how it came out I love that I was able to incorporate a lot of the.

Different products in the palette so that I received here and this is not a first impression this is actually my second time sitting down and filming this video because the first time was the first impression and I was just getting a little bit like unsure of my reviews I really needed more time to sit down and really play with these products and just to get to know them better so.

I feel like when it comes to getting.

That video as soon as possible I’d rather instead upload these kinds of videos a little bit later maybe like a week later after receiving my box that way I get that.

Entire week of use and that entire week of just playing with these products and using them over and over again like one of these products I’ve been using every single day for the entire week so it just gives.

Me a really good overview of what these products are all about and even some of.

The products in here it did change my mind I and I ended up liking them after that first impression so I just I.

Think I’ve decided to wait a little bit longer on my reviews and maybe getting this video a.

Little bit later than most but really give you a really good overview of what they are all about and my thoughts behind them so yeah that’s what I have for you guys in this video on before we get started don’t forget to hit that like button and subscribe to my channel before you leave and share this video with your friends and maybe you are in one of those I’ve seen a lot of like Facebook groups that are dedicated to boxycharm so if you like my video.

And you’d like to share it with your friends go ahead and do that I’d love to hear from even more people in what their thoughts are in this subscription service so without further ado.