Njroute22 Vlog Ep 42 Cheap Wine Reviews 14 Hands Hot To Trot

Hello NJ route 22 dot-com here with a quick hopefully quick explanation of this is a high end of the cheap wine this is something we’ve picked up what we’ve had before it’s called 14 hands and this is a wine called hot to trot red blend it’s a it’s a 2017 Columbia Valley I guess that’s California and it’s thirteen.

And a half percent alcohol this passes the two bottle test given.

A thirty thirteen point five we typically find that the lower alcohol wines do not pass there’s a 50/50 chance they don’t pass the two bottle tests where I don’t feel like.

Utter garbage the next day but this bottle of wine is ten bucks in most stores I mean focus again on it ten bucks which is the high end of my cheap wine category I mean if I go anything above ten dollars its we’re getting at the moderate price and when you’re in the twenty and thirty.

Dollar range or you’re getting into the higher price once then we’re not gonna go near the the $20 I mean a hundred.

Dollar bottle of wine no way why anyway real quick I like the flavor of this this is it has a very pleasing flavor I’m not gonna get into exactly the nuances on which part of my tongue hey the fifth quadrant and their left side of my tongue liked it no this has it’s just a very very.

Very well-rounded flavor it’s you could tell that the wine makers probably put a little effort into into refining the.

Wine which is great but in the end the buzz is the same it’s just this.

Flavor experience you have for a few minutes so while you sip it near anyway Sofer let’s just say argument’s sake $11 with tax we’re gonna do that change is gonna end up in yours like seat cushions somewhere so for a to bottle night it’s $22 now hang on.

A second I’m gonna I’m gonna walk over here and get this bottle of wine we talked about.

This recently this Rex Goliath we talked about it like two videos ago the ones that have 13 and I teeth not focusing 13 and a half percent I think it’s focusing the Rex Goliath is.99 so it’s like $12 for a two bottle $22 so $10 difference in a night you know let’s just say you drink two of these a night and one of these a night ten and I say you drink 365 days a year that’s thirty six hundred and fifty dollars and times 365 yeah for the.

Same net result I mean the the level of pleasure I get with this and.

Again I water it down so like maybe maybe some of you sit there and you quantum analyze every damn sip you take oh it’s so much better now the the pleasure factor is like one tick like out of a hundred so if this is an 57.

Of a hundred this is a 58 maybe 59 it’s so like one or two percentage points better and taste in my opinion I mean I don’t know it’s kind of subjective as they say and and but I don’t think paying thirty six hundred and fifty dollars a year for two of these and nine versus thirty six hundred and fifty less dollars here for one of these a night well that’s our.

Story this is our X Goliath thirteen point five is gonna go away I found it luckily so that’s it I mean I’m not gonna talk about.

The finishes or the pairings or that or how it lingers or anything like that this is a good tasting wine if you want to treat yourself to something that’s a little bit a little bit better I mean better again is subjective after a couple glasses anyway I think that the taste kind of numbs itself out and I think this wrecks Goliath is fine but again everybody wants their maybe.

Everybody’s a perfectionist and they just want to have this perfect utopia of taste sensation I don’t know it’s a fascinating industry to say the least so this passes the test costs more it’s up.

To you whether you want to spend money or not on it I don’t think it’s necessary if you if you’re swimming in dollar bills and you know and.

You just don’t know what to do with it sure why not you know live a little as they say live a little but.

Some people want to keep their money you know preserve and this.

Is what you’ll want to do instead if you can find a thirteen point five do not buy the thirteen.

Point oh you will regret it I promise you look at the wrecks goliath the free-range.

Red video if you want to know why it there’s something they did something to it so I’m not gonna go I’m not gonna use the Rex Goliath as a comparison anyone but I’ve talked about them enough and if you have any suggestions for any cheap wine that that you think is not only good like.
I said any wine in limited moderation it’s fine but if.

The you kind of try the two bottle test or whatever your mid-range.

Test is where you know if a hangover equals bad one so if you have anything please send some tips our email us we have all our.

Info in the comments below and that’s it so enjoy your wine beer or spiked Seltzer or whatever you drink these.

Days but why is what we’re talking about and oh by the way speaking of us by kit Seltzer we are going to do a like a guest review of that even though this is cheap wine reviews I’m gonna bring up the spiked Seltzer in the.

Next week or two because I have a lot to say about it well not a.

Lot but I have a pretty profound statement about it so stay tuned.