June Empties

Hello princesses today I’m never talking about my humanities this massive box is full I’ve had to like teachers everything back into here because there is so much stuff so I am very excited to be getting rid of all of this and it’s maybe a longer than usual video because there is so much stuff so I’m gonna start off.

With all of the masks that I have used which is quite a few I’m not gonna go through and talk about all of them but I am gonna show you my favorite ones one of the ones I really liked was.

Fry the brains in Oh H J and this is the botannical cotton sheet mask and revitalizing this one make my skin look absolutely beautiful and it’s not really nice as well in comparison though I just used one of the other ones by them.

I can’t find this one I just used the tea tree mud mask and I hated it it doesn’t stick very well to my face it didn’t last very long.

And it didn’t have any results so next review for that friend one of the other ones that I loved was the a by bomb ultra floral leaf mask Wow whatever has no smell saying that and this was the one that had.

Like their little flowers that go underneath and then it has.

A sheet mask over top make my skin look so beautiful and it’s just such a pretty mask and it smells nice so I would definitely refit to see sense and of course my co-star it’s clear effects master patches these are.
The new ones and they add a slim ones and they are.

So good like they are almost entirely invisible but they don’t work as well as the thick ones so if I had a really bad pimple I would use the thicker ones which are in the red packet and if I had one that was kind of like weepy and I didn’t want to go outside without being covered up I would use these ones because they are almost invisible which is so good I have some here Indies this time so I have my joy coke a pack so this.

Is the conditioner and this is the shampoo why they upside down I don’t know these are fantastic for bleached or damaged here they make me see a feel so soft and they don’t strip it unnecessarily of oil so the shampoo so my hair I have cut it and it’s just been freshly time to died so it’s a little bit gray which.

Actually I don’t mind and there is pink patch in here at the moment which is.
Super cute what do you think of the color.

Tell me if you like the edginess or if you like the warm tones theater I would love to know.

But these work so well on my hair and I just keep repurchasing them I have finished another one of the.

Redken masks this is the color Eckstein magnetics mega mask and I really love this one but it does smell kind of like a perfume which mean used to make me kind of feel a little bit sick but I kind of associate that smell more.

So with this the annoying thing about this one is that you can never get the end out of it even if I cut it out that’s you cannot get to the last thing out of the mask because there’s a secondary tube inside which is really annoying but again this is a protein mask and they work really really well so I would recommend the Rican masks so more of the.
Little random ones I have some of the dyso puffs and foams detergent.

I actually had two empties of this done I just kept one.