172 – Holy Grail Revisited – Curl Junkie

Hey YouTube nice rich and today I’m coming to you guys with a Holy Grail revisited video Holy Grail like that’s a word that gets tossed around the natural hair community a lot what makes it Holy Grail is it because we really like it or is it because it’s something that’s like popular at the moment or is it something.

That’s just working for our here at the time and it just kind of stops I’ve really thought.

These things through and there are some things that I have used really there’s one thing that I.

Have used my entire natural hair journey I met is the Aussie boys 3 minute miracle I’ve loved it from the moment I tried it I still got a big pump bottle downstairs but these products were once upon a time my holy grail wash and go what.

Happens when you revisit your Holy Grail years later stay tuned and find out so I know you guys see in the opening clips that I changed my hair again so pay.

Me no attention in this here video I’m just tickled that my hair is different and this is your first time seeing it on camera so I’m getting ready to revisit the curl junkie smoothing lotion as my leave-in as well as the curls in a bottle which.
Jail for a long time I am gonna use my castor oil because I cannot.

Skip on the castor oil but other than that it is just going to be the curl junkie leave-in and that’s it so enjoying this holy girls revisited I am going to bust out my smoothing lotion and my curls in the bottle I’m still.

Rolling with the black-owned theme but when I did this color it put me in the mind of the first time that.
I got color and I remember doing all this research.

And this was the washing goal line that.

I Mount Washington but the product line that led me to my first successful Washington Post color so I’m gonna revisit it.

Years later I have not used either of these products and probably like two years so I’m excited to see if I still love it oh no we all see.

You okay so real-time that was like four minutes I haven’t done a wash and go this quick in a long time cuz I be layering on products does be like super thick and I gotta like distribute I forgot.

Like how easily this like rolls into my her so.

All right we’re gonna let it dry I’m gonna time it see how long it take to dry and I’m definitely interested on seeing how well this last now that I’m not doing like my super layering method.

I don’t think I used castor oil back then cuz I was a afraid of it cuz I thought it wasn’t for my hair type but I’m not going without my oil um but you know normally I do the oil and.
Then I do a cream and then I do a leave-in and then I do a styler sometimes.

– styler sometimes a cream and a gel stylist oh this is literally just these slow products I don’t know oil alright we’re gonna let her dry you see what she do I see yeah so.

Hey guys and I’m back with the conclusion of my Holy Grails.

Revisited so these are the results of my hair this is day five I think and very much.

Here for it um my schedule has me all wonky so I’m like washing my hair weird time so I am getting ready to shampoo my.

Hair again just gotta have somewhere to be this upcoming weekend and because I’m about to do.