Empties!! Rebuy Or Not?! |natural Hair Products

Welcome back to my channel in this video I’m going to go through a bag some of them are empty some of them are not some of them I’ve never used some of them I only used ones I’m going to go through it one by one and tell you guys the pros and cons so this video might be a.

Little longer than usual alright so let’s get started so the first thing I have is this is Shea moistures manuka honey and mafura.

Oil is a hydration hair mask which a deep conditioner so far I’ve used it about four times it still.

Has a lot in it so far this is one.

Of my staples definitely a key I love this product smells amazing this since I first started my hair journey this is something that has been a staple this is the Shea moistures coconut hibiscus curl enhancing smoothie uh plus.

This is something that I use is a cream this one is running low so I’m gonna have to buy another one.

Moisturizing conditioner so this is one of my conditioners that I go to which is very low right.

Now when I’m low on cash like literally this is like a dollar you can find this anywhere Dollar Tree Walmart Walgreens they’re always very very cheap so if you want to high dry a hydrating moisturizing conditioner and you don’t have a lot of money on you this is.

A good option I use that one to detangle my hair and stuff like that see what I have here equal styler this is the clear one that I meant in my washing goal video this one is the crystal eco style gel this one I bought because they didn’t have the.

Olive oil one or the argan oil one at Walgreens it works just as good but I don’t feel like it’s as moisturizing so when I went to Walmart and I found the argan oil one and olive oil one I ended up getting it and I probably won’t finish using this one unless I run out of them other ones there is like this much left Nubian heritage Indian hemp into Manu bamboo with bamboo monoi and garlic extract this is a growing strength in treatment mask breakage for vintage for stronger hair so I don’t really remember I.

Think I you this smells so good I need to use this soon probably my next washing goal next week when I wash my hair I’ll probably use this one I haven’t used this in like two three.

Two years and expires 2019 or 2015 well I might have to throw this one out you actually do have expiration say expiration date maybe I’m throwing.

That one out but now I want to use that maybe like once or twice so the Shea Moisture curler of coconut hibiscus curling gel souffle is for thick and curly hair it has flax seed oil and a gas next are so this I definitely use.

The whole thing up or my mom probably used it also I don’t know that why did I stop using this I think it was good it was drying all my hair too much I don’t know it’s very liquidy.

I think that’s what it is it’s very like watery compared to like eco styler gel so I won’t buy that again for our poly finish using it this is the renewing argan oil of Morocco conditioner this was like when I was blonde this is what I was using like and it still has a lot like I’ll probably use this again I don’t know if I’ll buy it again in a stroke if there’s an expiration date I don’t see an expiration date for this one I know I never.