January Empties! Products I've Used Up In 2017 And Review! So.much.stuff.

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I just want to go ahead and get started with my empties which are a ton I have two full upper eave bags I’ve been hoarding for probably three four months and so this is all from 2017 okay am I totally random empty that I have to talk about and normally I don’t talk about food who when I’m talking about my product empties but I discovered.

Holidays and they’re the Tate’s bakeshop deeply delicious chocolate chip cookies and they are amazing this is only 7 ounces they’re not very cheap this is almost a 5 dollar bag so you don’t get a ton of cookies.

So good and so crispy and so delicious I bought this at Bed Bath and Beyond I.

Don’t know if you can get it anywhere else I’ve been looking at other stores and I haven’t seen them but you guys have got to try this if you like a crispy chocolate chip cookie and I normally like them a little bit more gooey but these are amazing and sweet and my new babe go first with all my hair care products that I’ve kind of gone through and there’s quite a few things in here first of all I want to talk about these L’Oreal.

Shampoo and conditioner totally become hooked on them as you guys all know you’re not new to my channel I’ve been looking for like a sulfate-free hydrating silicone free paraben free haircare product cause I always use pure ology which I also have some empties of that but I’ve been trying these L’Oreal this is the extraordinary clay I also have the nourishing shampoo extraordinary oil the oil blends I’ve tried them all love them I.

Have already repurchased these I actually went for another one of the extraordinary oil and that’s what that bottle looks like they smell good they leave my.

Hair shiny and soft and manageable and really take care of.

The dry and you guys are looking for a new.

Affordable shampoo recommend the entire line I have been.

Loving these I’ve been using and pretty much non-stop for the past six months so give them a shot I did finish up my last two bottles of pure ology this is what I’ve been using for years and.

Years and years but I have stopped using them it does say it’s vegan ingredients but I am just trying to get a more affordable product that’s paraben free silicone free sulfate free all that stuff’s so pure ology is just a little bit too expensive and frankly I’ve been getting better results from the Lord okay one of my favourite products that I use every day is the Paul Mitchell soft.

Style of the shine they’ve actually changed their prom they’re tacking recently but it’s this I have already repurchased this this is my absolute favorite shine spray I actually get this now at Ulta and I love it I usually wait to get my a 20% off coupon and then I’ll go buy a couple of these leave.

Your hair nice and silky and soft and manageable and flowy and everything just gets rid of your dry ends ago the next product is from redkin this is the satin we’re prepping blow dry lotion and again I have already repurchased this this is an awesome lotion that you put on after you wash.

You blow-dry it and it’s just a heat protectant and again I don’t know if it does anything in terms of you know adding smoothness during to the.

But I think it’s a great protectant and I’ve been using it for years it doesn’t leave you here greasy or anything like that.

And with my hair it’s pretty coarse pretty dry and this has worked really really well for me all right the next couple things that I’ve been going through like crazy are these L’Oreal hair touch-ups this one is in the color brown and they’re basically a root concealer because I get gray hair within two weeks after doing my roots I.

Have to do my hair probably in terms of coloring every two and a half to three weeks at the most and it’s a big pain so I’ve been using these L’Oreal hair touch-ups and I love these I’ve already.

Gone through two bottles I’ve already purchased another one I think they changed their packaging because my another bottle spray bottle like this is.

An aqua kind of like a Tiffany’s blue all this stays on I can get away with typically another week of color and not coloring my hair when I use this root touch-up because it’s awesome it’s been really really nice to be able to use this product and kind of just prolong or delay having to recolor my hair and my roots because I do.

It myself here at home I have a how-to video on that I will link it up above oh it is this shear moisture it’s the raw shea butter deep treatment mask with seek help and argan oil that is what it looks like hate this product I use this a handful of times and the.

Good it’s just a fresh smell it’s says that heels grows and strengthens your hair I absolutely hate this product it just makes my hair feel dry it doesn’t really give it a lot of moisture I just do not like the texture of my hair after using it and it stinks because there’s no sulfates.

No parabens no phthalates no paraffin no propylene glycol no mineral oil no synthetic fragrances nothing nothing bad for you which is why I was like all about it I was really hoping this would help but it does not help me at what you do with this product is you put it in like I use it in the.

Shower and you leave it in and and rinse it but it just didn’t leave it nice and soft and smooth like I was really hoping for so I just.

Overall I just don’t like this product I won’t be but I won’t be repurchasing it bottom line move on to skincare face Beauty lotions all that kind of stuff obviously you’re.