Burt's Bee Baby Review | Favorites & Regrets

Hi you guys and welcome to my channel coffee with mommy in today’s video I’m going to be talking about my favorite products from Burt’s bee baby now I have been using this company for a long time since well about three years since my daughter was born and I got a whole bunch of products when my son Liam was.

Born about six months ago and I thought I would do a video because.

Accumulated a lot of stuff and I really do like this brand I like the feeling of the fabric.

I like their toiletry options so I just thought I would share in this video my favorite products that I think you should try products that are good but you don’t really have to like run out and get them today and then also one product that I do not like so if you want to know what these products are by Burt’s feed babies and please.

Just keep on watching okay so the first thing that I really really really love and I just use all the time is and you can get these at like byebye baby Babies R Us or Target it is the Burt’s bee towel now this.

Is just the plain they have like a fancy like hooded one robe kind of but this is just a towel that has a little hood and this thing is so soft it’s like stretchy it’s cozy it keeps Liam warm and I got the washcloth to go with it and these are literally like the best.

They’re so soft they like lather up soap really well and I just use these all the time I really want to get like because I got other towels from my baby shower and I haven’t even opened them yet like so I really want to just get another one of these because they’re just so like I wish I had this in a blanket like I definitely recommend this and no matter how many times like you wash it.
It’s still like it’s true to what it.

Is like from the very first day you get it and these are just I love their washcloths amazing now.

The next thing it’s a sleeper and you will be shocked that this is a snap up sleeper I wish it was not snap this the only thing.

I hate about it but I love like so this is in three to six months and Liam.

Has been wearing this forever because it doesn’t have little feet.

So they it looks like high waters on them it’s okyou it’s so soft and like I’ll just have him wear.

This like all day the only thing I hate is it is snap but this I don’t know like I got two of these and once in like a darker gray color and it’s just so soft it’s so comfy like I love to hold them when he’s wearing this this is in three to six months and Liam is in like 12 month clothes right now because it like it doesn’t have his feet it’s amazing I.

Do have other sleepers by Burt’s bee that zip up and stuff and those are great they’re not like you have to run out and get them they’re cute I love the like they’re just they’re like whole design of the whole company is just it just draws.
Me in I love it I put cereal I don’t know what these ones are called.

But this is their organic cotton so I guess it’s from that I don’t know if they like sell these online or anything but these are just so amazing so one thing I’m gonna put with this it’s.

Pretty much just in general like all their clothes are just amazing one thing I love is when you wash them they stay exactly the same so like there’s still it’s like they it’s like Muslim.