Product Empties April 2018 | Skincare, Makeup, Hair Care & More!!!

Hi guys thank you so much for watching my name is Vanessa welcome to my channel if you’re new and welcome back if your subscriber I’ll be posting new videos every week one to two videos a week all beauty related content today I have another empties video for you guys so getting a little out of hand with all the.

Empty products that I have here so I’m just going to get right into the video please like this video if you like this kind of video and comment below what are some products that you’ve used.

Did you like them or not I’ll just go through each product and I’ll give you a mini review on.

Each just because there are so many I’ll try to be as fast as I can so I’m sorry if this video is kind of long first is this crema conditioner by Terrax I actually found that this conditioner did what it said so it said it’s supposed to detangle improve elasticity reduce static build-up and calm frizziness and i really find that it did so i would repurchase this it’s a really good.

Conditioner this is the Andalou apricot probiotic cleansing milk that i’ve totally used up it’s a cleanser the consistency of it is just as if you’re using like yogurt or something that’s that kind of consistency so you do have to use quite a few pumps of product but it does remove everything and it has a very light apricot scent so I did like.

It I’m a repurchase it I just have a couple cleansers to use at first then I have Omega 3 Omega 3 fish oil so I’ve been taking this everyday fish oil has lots of benefits you can research.

Them if you want but it’s good for your heart your mind and also vision and hair growth and anti-aging and belly fat lots of different stuff so I’ve been taking that and now I’m I’ve used that up and now I’m.

It kind of works the same but I would repurchase it I find taking vitamins actually does make a difference for me and I’ve always kind of liked taking vitamins I’ve worked at a health food store when I was younger and I thought I kind of get into vitamin so I would repurchase this is the Shea Ameri restorative.

Conditioner for damaged hair with argan oil and I really really liked this conditioner do so I would repurchase it I just like when things actually do what they say they’re gonna do like they actually make a difference in your hair so I found this one did so I would repurchase that next is the Redken smooth lock butter silk.

Intensive rinse out treatment for dry unruly.

Hair this I wouldn’t repurchase I’ve tried lots of Redken products and I usually really like them this smelled.

Great it has almond oil in it and I just found when I used it my hair just felt man like it felt okay but it wasn’t like transformed or anything by this product so I probably wouldn’t repurchase it next is one of the Rocky Mountain soap coast transformative cleansing oils in rosehip I love the.

Ingredients in this like it’s all-natural 96% organic and it does work the only thing is it just depends what you like in the cleansing oil like you’ll have to cleanse with this once or twice and then use another cleanser after because it leaves kind of an.

Oily feeling on the skin but it does leave your skin really bright and happy looking like bright youthful hydrated so I may repurchase this I’m just.

Undecided right now and I just have some other cleansing oils to use up the next is the bodyshop coconut shower cream gel and I have another one too that is the same but it’s just Brazil nut it’s just a body shower cream nothing special but it does the job and I did like the Brazil nut one better so I’d probably repurchase that one smells good it foams up well and.

Cleans your body well next is this Rimmel sorry brother Rimmel I don’t know why I can’t say that room Rimmel fix and perfect foundation primer is supposed to suit smooth skin and minimize the pore it’s just a drugstore primer I’ve.

Had this forever I don’t even know if you can still buy it but I probably wouldn’t repurchase it just because I didn’t notice that.

It did that much as a primer like I have tried more primers now and I just find that that one didn’t really make that much of a difference for me another one of the Rocky Mountain soap coal liquid crystal deodorants I use these all the time love it repurchase that’s the only kind of deodorant I use now it’s like a natural one next is the marine collagen nature’s life deep skin formula plus vitamin C – daily these do taste.

Kind of gross like their capsule but the taste of the.

Capsule and when you take them tastes gross you don’t actually have to.

Taste them after that but I’ve been using.

These for my skin because I’ve been getting like some hormonal breakouts on my chin so I’ve been using this I haven’t noticed too much of a difference but I’ve noticed alright what I’ve researched on marine collagen is that you have to try it for several months before you see a benefit so I have other ones to use up so I’ve already.

Been purchased – keep trying and then I’ve got this Carol’s Daughter almond cookie.

Moisturizing Shea souffle smells delicious it’s supposed to be for dry – extra dry skin it smells delicious and it’s a nice hand lotion it smells like almond cookies or something I.

Don’t know if I breathe or just just cuz I have so many but it was a good cream next is the evil fabuloso platinum blonde color intensifying conditioner I really did like this it’s hydrating to the hair it tones the brassiness out pretty well works really good it’s just kind of expensive for the price and I’ve found other ones I liked.

Better that are cheaper if you’re interested check out my purple shampoo video so I probably wouldn’t repurchase this but this is.

Really good if you’re struggling with brassy hair because it actually does work but just check out that video and you’ll see all the other ones that I’ve tried next is the vitacost women’s total health with fruit and vegetable blend so.

It’s just a multivitamin I love Vitacost I’ve been shopping there for years they have great customer service great prices like I used to work at a health food store so I know how much cheaper it is to buy the stuff online than buying it in the actual health.

Food store it’s like three times the price but I liked I did like this multivitamin and I will would repurchase that I like taking a multivitamin and it says to take two but that was too much for me I’d just rather take one.