My Skincare Routine | Reviewing Avene Products

Maybe like just wait for two minutes and then after that you can it go in and apply your moisturizer I mean the third product that I’ve been using is the event spot and a blackhead moisturizer so basically it’s not necessarily mr. Weiser but it is a spot reducing sort of product so it removes blackheads and it dark moths so if you’ve.

Got dark marks around your face then this is the best thing to use because you could just apply it in that specific area and it will obviously then gradually start fading the spots and obviously this is also for acne prone skin so if you’ve got acne prone skin and obviously acne scars this is really great because it will reduce the appearance of those dark.

Marks so I will use this after I’ve used my hydrating serum and I know I don’t necessarily have like a lot of dark marks Oh like spots but the thing is with me is my skin will go clear for like a long time maybe for like a good eight months I have nothing and then literally in a week I get a break out that will.

That it’s like what the hell you know and then the fourth product is this thermal spring water now this is the.

Best because this is literally like everything it’s everything in one bottle so this spring water is.

Obviously for soothing and anti irritation so what that basically means is that if you get like a rash eczema people you guys know especially in summer if we get like hit rash or even a flame out and your skin becomes.

It starts stinging and you get like.

You get irritated like this is the thing that you have to carry with you it reduces the irritation and this can can actually last you for a while because you don’t.

Have to use it like every day but whenever you feel like okay something is you know irritating my skin then you can just go in and spray it some people it actually.

Does say that you can use it as a setting spray as well for your makeup so you can substitute whatever you already have if you feel like it’s irritating your skin so if you are acne prone or eczema prone or whatever but your skin is like super sensitive you can you can.

Use as a setting spray and also I remember I told you guys that our Rose watch is also good setting spray so it kind of functions the same as rose water to to some extent because it does have the the the anti irritation the soothing and all of those properties that the rose water also has and actually you know what they saying yeah.

You can actually use this after if you’ve been burnt like sunburn you can use it for facial redness diaper rash that has it like that’s how mild it is it’s not like they don’t use chemicals this is like natural spring water with obviously like you know other things that they put together.

So that it can actually be effective but it’s really really really not that dangerous it’s not dangerous at all actually the fact that they would recommend it for baby’s skin means.

That babes you are in good hands so that is it because these are all the products that I have at the moment I do the this range is actually it’s not the cheapest but I’ve seen worse I’ve seen things that are more expensive for the quality that they provide because I can tell you now my skin has been consistent it was since I started using this product and I am not complaining like I’m loving.

Course I will get like a break heart here and there like an eczema fly out I will get that here and there like any normal eczema prone person but if you’ve got like a.

Good set of products that you use to try.

And assist you with all of your sensitive skin issues then you should be good and I think this one is actually what are the greatest in the market and yeah so if you guys are looking for a skincare range for cents of skin then go into your local disk am or click I.

Don’t know what else they stock right they also do have a website so just go to their rates up check the prices and make the purchases that you feel are necessary for your skin and yeah anyway guys thank you so much for watching this week’s video I.

Hope you guys enjoyed it and I hope it was informative if you guys I want more information about the products that I was talking.

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