My Skincare Routine | Reviewing Avene Products

Hi guys welcome back to my channel now so this week’s video I’m going to be doing a skincare video so I’m gonna be talking about some of the products that I’ve been loving recently when it comes to my skin so I’m gonna just dwell on those and tell you guys what those products are and really guys can I.
Get them if you guys are interested so.

If you I was actually contemplating putting makeup on or not putting makeup on or not putting it on because I’m talking about skin and I wanted to talk about products.

That I’ve been using for my skin I thought it would have been the logical thing to not weigh makeup but I was like actually why why I actually feel like the your makeup so I’m here with the full face okay but anyway guys live not ramble any further let’s just get into this video let’s get right.

Into this so the first the products that I’ve been using are the van skincare range.

I got these from Diskin so this is the whole collection.

That I got and it came in a cute little.

Bag it’s I could makeup bag or whatever you call it but this is like a travel.

Size makeup bag or toiletry bag whatever you you use it for so they over end this and yeah so that’s really cool that’s really nice and handy so the first product.

Want to talk about is they are.

Cleansing gel this is the yeah it is the cleaning gel so basically this is what you use to clean your face so to wash your face so after I’ve taken off my makeup I will then go in.

With this and use this as a cleanser obviously to just remove any of.

The remaining makeup and anything else that might have been on my skin would be a dirt dead skin anything that’s still sitting on my skin so I’ll go and and it’s so nice and gentle because it doesn’t have any soap so it’s soap free and you can.

Use it for your face and your body especially for people with eczema this is really really great because it also does say this is for blemish prone skin and I can tell you.

Now after is an eczema breakout like off layout it does leave you with like talk marks expecially if you get under your eyes anyway you get.

It it’ll leave you with like dark marks so this is really good for like fading those dark marks away then the second product will be.

The hydrating serve not this is the best news I’m telling you now this hydrating serve is literally like I don’t know a Nazi we have food basically it’s like you steaming and like there’s so much moisture that goes into your skin your pores are opened.

Up everything is just like you know and because they use natural ingredients like most of their products are just so refreshing to put.

On your skin like there’s no burning or irritation to anything of that nature because it’s specifically made for people with sensitive skin so that’s hydrating serum is like what are the best I’ve used so far.

And it’s obviously for sensitive skin so if you have any dry patches solution around the wintertime but I also get them during summer because my skin is just all around dry doesn’t matter where I am so this.

Comes in really really handy just before you put on your moisturizer.

After you’ve you cleanse your face you go in with this you like touch it onto your skin and just wait for it to dry for a few minutes.