Clio Kill Cover Pro Artist Liquid Highlighting And Shading

Hello fan sis’s today I’m gonna be talking about the Clio kill cover pro artist liquid highlighter and shading I picked this up during my last KBD order because I really wanted to try a liquid contour I have tried like a cream contour before as well as powder contours and bronzers but never one that was like concealer sort of.

Texture and I don’t know who I saw use these ones but I’m pretty sure I saw someone use them and they look really really good on his skin so that was.

Kind of in my mind when I picked these up the reason that I wanted to try a liquid concealer style contour this time was because I have quite a lot of scarring on my cheek so you can still see quite a lot of it and I found it with a lot of like cream contour powder contours the more I blinked the less actual coverage happens so put on my foundation and everything right then I’m a concealer.

And I’ll get rid of all of the acne scars and then I’ll use bronzer and then it’s back again so what was the point so I thought that this may be able.

This products come housed in a standard a small liquid tube with a doe foot applicator this makes the products really easy to apply or especially around smaller areas like.

The nose there are two shades in this collection a highlighter and a shading shade of course both shades come with a white blending sponge this works best when it’s.

Wet but personally I find that it doesn’t really bloomed that well and it tends to just soak up the product so I don’t really recommend them so for the highlight the product description says natural pink base of glowing liquid type highlighter for a bright looking face contour silicon gel ingredient performs new trick for oil pearl silky strobing makeup look 50 percent moisture ingredients with plant ingredients for.

Hydrated skin this highlight comes in a light pink shade that blooms out really easily and.

It looks really subtle on my skin I do like how this highlighter looks on my.
Skin however essences as a liquid I apply it before my translucent.

Powder after I applying my translucent powder I can really see this highlight and for the liquid shading the product description says natural color liquid type to shade in contour for a slim face look moisture.

And oil and fine polymer combined from non powdery clean fit moisture ingredients and rose hip seed extract with more than 42 percent to soothe skin with moisture this shading shade is a nice medium brown it is a.

Little more warm tones than I would like and almost looks like a caramel color they’re those extremely scary to me when I first apply it’s my skin but it actually blooms out well it almost.

Flings up a little bit too well I think and I think it almost looks a little bit too subtle sometimes this can be laid up easily and I really love that it doesn’t take away that coverage of my foundation either you surprisingly I like the shading shade but I don’t actually like the highlight shade this match is the highlight shade is absolutely.

Beautiful especially if you don’t powder your skin I think that it looks a little bit too subtle on my skin and because I apply it before I find my powder after I apply my translucent powder for the day I can’t really see the highlight anymore at all I did try of course just not putting powder on it but because it’s a liquid type I found that my hair stuck to it because it is in the sort of place where my.

Hair would be sticking to it I have a lot of hair and as you can imagine when like some of the tendrils stick to your face it.

Can look kind of gross so it wasn’t really an option for me to use the highlight without a powder and it also doesn’t work well if you put it on top of the powder because a lot of the time liquid products do not work well over powder products sometimes they do but for this I don’t think it does it is however a.

Product that I would recommend to any princesses who are looking for a really subtle glow and don’t usually powder their skin because.

I think this is going to be definitely up your alley it’s just not suited to me personally the shading shade though I think it does work really well for my skin.

And of course I am wearing it today it’s a pretty subtle color and I would consider it more like a bronzing shade for me rather than a contouring shade because it’s so warm tired but it is important to.

Note also that this only comes in one color this is this is it so sadly this is only going to be useful for princesses who are on the lighter side of.

The spectrum like I know girls who have this as a skintone color like it’s not a shading shade for everybody so packing the limited shade selection I do think that these are good products I will definitely be using the shading one and then I probably will be passing on the highlighter because it’s just.

Not that suitable for my skin but overall I think that these are both great products however for the bleeding puffs that come with them they probably come products I would recommend personally because they do kind of just suck up the product and even when they’re wet they’re still really really.

Really firms so those are not my.

Favorite but I do recommend applying these with cushion puffs.

So overall these shading shade is a.

Winner for me but the highlight is.

Not thank you guys so much for watching this review and I will see you next time bye.