Empties 2018 – Episode 3

So the value of the makeup items I had was 199 dollars and four cents.

And then the total value for everything else like I just have it as etc’ not including the candles or the perfume spray was five hundred and thirty dollars.

And seventeen cents but is quite a lot I don’t have a lot of like higher-end type stuff in there and a lot of lotions this time around as well and then the total for both of them is seven hundred and twenty nine.

Dollars and 21 cents my yearly total so far that is everything I’ve used since January to now and that is both categories combined as well is a thousand three hundred eighty and forty six dollars so yeah I’m really happy that I’m getting so much use out of these products like I said I haven’t paid for all of that like I haven’t paid that much amount.

For all this like even those bath and Bodyworks lotions each of them are valued at $13 however I definitely got them on sale and I probably I.

Think I’m pretty sure I got like three buy three get three free or something so essentially I got them half off if you have any opinions on a new product maybe you agree slash disagree with me please let us know in the comments down below it always it’s always nice to different people’s opinions and experiences.

With the different products and I believe that is going to be it thank you guys so much for sticking around I hope that you guys have got something of value.

Out of it and thank you all for.

Your time thanks have a good day bye.