Empties 2018 – Episode 3

This oh the Revlon one was also in there as well I really like the color of this the formula I’m not a huge fan on mainly because it looks really.

Like feathers out still for like it doesn’t give a really sharp line which I don’t know how it does that but it.

Some reason and then also the packaging on this the liner itself like the color part like the product of.

Its like its product I kept falling.

Out it wasn’t like hooked into the base but that was a little annoying actually a lot.

Annoying so yeah I wouldn’t repurchase any of her liners at least the ones that I’ve tried they both of them I also have the candy okay I think or coke okay color and it did the same thing as far as the construction of it I’m not a huge fan of that okay I’ve had this model Co it was a.

Highlighting trio it’s all gone this was also my 18 by 2018 I really like this this actually surprised me a lot there was it seems like it was not a lot of product on here in here but a little goes a very long way with this it had a bronzy shade that I.

Really liked a blush shade which I liked but I’m not a huge I don’t think I’m a fan of the.

Cream blushes I think that’s what my problem is of that one and it was really pretty it’s ardour and.

I have I didn’t really have a problem with it but you know it’s not my favorite way to use it and then I had a highlighting shade it was like this really beautiful.

Pearly like white with the pink iridescent in it oh my gosh not highlighting shade it was beautiful I love it so so much so yeah I don’t.

Know if I drew her just said again I got this in an Ipsy but it was really nice and I was really happy to use.

It out this color pop shade super shock shadow and sequin it is all gone again and my 18 by 2018 and I cannot.

Even open this but anyway it is gone I really like the shade it was like a cranberry shade really nice the next thing I have is this cover effects it is the pressed mineral foundation my color was in and 20 I really like this this is all gone it.

Was really nice I liked it a lot I don’t know if I’d repurchase it just cuz I don’t think I.

Have a need right now however it’s not something that I’m opposed to it didn’t like break me out or anything you had a nice coloring.

To it and yeah that’s cool and then this last.

Thing I have here is the cover FX illuminating or setting spray and this came in a boxy charm I didn’t love it only because it had like shimmer in it I know a.

Lot of people were saying that if you don’t.

Shake it up it can be like a glitter bomb on your face which isn’t good I will shake it up so I didn’t have a problem with it I just don’t think it was something that I like needed I’ve just used it up because I had it in my boxycharm it wasn’t bad it’s just not a.

Product that I was fell in love with also halfway through this I think because of the glitter particles the nozzle broke so I couldn’t get anything out of here so I.

Had to switch what the rest of this product into an old like mac fix+ spray bottle and it worked just as well so yeah that one isn’t done okay guys so that is it for the empties we’re gonna do the total now.