Empties 2018 – Episode 3

I’m pretty sure I won’t buy it with my own.

Money only because I’m pretty sure this is really expensive.

And it’s very like bougie and like exciting but I don’t know if I need this on the daily um at least like for what it’s what it costs I don’t know but if it ever get a sample or get one like handed down to me or whatever I would gladly use it.

Because I did like it didn’t like Brittany or do anything about the origins retexturizing mask with rose clay I really liked origins face masks I think that they’re the best face masks out there like that I’ve tried at least they’re just the ones that click with my skin this one was a texturizing mask with rose clay to help smooth things out and it had like creamy particles in there.

That like you scrub her own and it exfoliated yeah I really.

Did like this one next I have I cream it’s this Bobbi Brown I repair eye cream I’ve already very purchased this I like.

This a lot I use this at night it’s pretty thick and yeah I I just.

Really like it it works for me and moist I’m cool with it okay I have to facial serums so the first one here is the farce ollie at rose gold elixir.

This did not work for me it broke me out what I did though because it was past the time that I could like return it back to Sephora is I used.

It on my elbows and my knees it’s a really thick Beauty oil um which is good for some people I’m sure with people who have really dry skin and maybe aren’t aren’t as acne prone as I am but for me I the last time I believe I had the unicorn.

Essence in my empties and I really liked that because it sunk into the skin so fast this one did not do that so I.

Them if you have really dry skin maybe give this one a go if you have more acne prone skin or some skin that skin type.

That gets a little bit more oily through the day or maybe more really do the unicorn net one I really like like I said I really like the unicorn one this one did not work for me but it was nice on my elbows my knees like to get that oil and get him with moisturize that it worked really well for that.

However you know I couldn’t use it on my face because they broke now okay and then I have a Peter Thomas Roth water drench hydraulic cloud serum basically hydraulic acid serum this worked really well.

I definitely noticed that my skin definitely felt more moisturize but I would use this I would use this in the morning and it did pretty well with actually sinking into my skin and not like leaving a layer sometimes.

That can happen the only problem I had with this is that my pump didn’t work so like I think.

It works like once and then it didn’t so I would have to um and I got this on line otherwise would return it to Sephora but I just didn’t I don’t know I didn’t want to go through that sometimes it’s not worth.

It so I’d have to take it out and use it that way but it still worked really well um yeah I’m just the pump didn’t work for me probably just mine I’m sure so the next thing I have.

Is my papyri coconut melts this I use every single RA used to use every single night for my moisturizer I really really really like this I know what people are hesitant about this because it’s like a coconut oil or coconut melt and it is pretty expensive however the whole point with this is that all of.

The impurities I believe are taken out of it it not like your standard cooking coconut oil does actually work really really well I do like it I have moved on to a moisturizer at night right now.

Have like a little sample kit of a bunch of like the party products so I will be using that but yeah I wanted to take a break because I have him using this for like this loss of me like at least a year so I’ve been using this for a year straight and.

I wanted to try other things to see it if other things would work better for me I like this I like what I’m using right now too but yeah and then I have the Paragon MD preempt series it’s the oil-free hydrating cream this actually was from my mom she ordered some sort of whatever from her home and I sent her the wrong one they said just go ahead and keep this so she did and she said okay well here you can have it because.

I like stuff that’s oil oil free and this was actually really really nice it uses this in the day it does smell a little bit like like roses I didn’t.

Notice it that bad like it took me like a week to actually notice that it smells a little bit like roses so it wasn’t that bad if you’re really sensitive maybe give it a try but I really like this it did a really nice job at hydrating and not being super greasy it was nice to apply makeup over it so it was cool okay last but not least my makeup empties I have.

A lot of nail polish as well I’m gonna put my nail polish in with my makeup category for like the total at the end.

But basically for my I’m doing a project polish and I actually finished two nail polishes from that project polish this time around the first one is this formula X and yell polish it’s like a little sample size in the color ignite I liked it it was very opaque I always did like two coats on it though only because it was kind of watery even though it was like really opaque so kind of hard.

For me to control it just cuz I’m not like an expert at doing my nails but I liked it it was a nice color I wouldn’t repurchase in it only because I.

Have so much nail polish that.

I need to get through it the next one here I have is this OPI Nicole by.

OPI it is in the color back.

To reality TV this is like a Kardashian collection from way back in the day it’s kind of like this cool denim blue it has a little bit of like a purpley it can get shipped in there as well really pretty liked it a lot but it’s done okay so the next thing I.

LONDON nail foundation priming base coat I got this.

In like a big kit with a bunch of like butter LONDON um it was like a holiday set or whatever and this is actually like half the size of their normal butter LONDON nail polishes but I liked it it was a nice base coat I don’t think it like did anything that was super overpowering to help the longevity of the.

Nail polish so I don’t know if I would repurchase it again but it definitely didn’t hurt the nails at all okay now this next thing is way too expensive it’s like 20 bucks for this top coat however it hit me.

Because my nail polish lasts like crazy like I can wear it my nail polish this is from um I think I did this I don’t know like a week.

Ago and I’ve had four shifts of working at a restaurant where I’m constantly washing my hands using my hands and it’s not chipped anything so it really helps with the longevity of my nail polish I swear by it it’s the NARS topcoat.

It’s expensive but it works like crazy and it gets almost like a gel effect to.

Your nails so get some nice and thick and beautiful okay next.

Up is my makeup that I’ve used and I actually have quite a bit of makeup um so first things first I’ll go ahead and talk about this this is my MAC eyeliner and silver skates this was in my feels project pan it is gone I’ve used it up I don’t really necessarily.

Love the color on this it was just a little it was like grey a greyish silver so I wouldn’t repurchase the color of it just because there wasn’t a.

Real easy way for me to use it like I used it for I found a way to use it but I wouldn’t repurchase it next thing is the colour-pop cream gel liner and it is in the shade of mr.

A kathleenlights collaboration I really like this color I went through it pretty darn fast because it is so creamy but the color is beautiful I really really liked it this is something I could see myself repurchasing in the future in the distant future obviously.

Because I’m trying to use up a lot of my products but yeah I really.

Did like this okay I also have this Bobbi Brown what is this natural brow shaper in the color blonde.

Really like this and helped to tint my eyebrows it doesn’t do it helps to change my eyebrow hairs because I have a really really blonde blonde eyebrows where if I’m not wearing makeup.

It looks like I have nine wrong I’ve got.

Like that bleached blonde eyebrow look that the models are doing a while ago which I’m like why would you do that but it’s look but yeah not one that I love so it does help.

A little bit however I have not been using this for a while I’ve just been using like my normal brow products like powders and whatever and then my honest hacia clear brow gel and I’ve been okay with it I like that better because the whole to the brows in.

Place a little bit better this one doesn’t really have a hold on anything so yeah I don’t think I’m gonna repurchase this in the future actually.

This was something that I hadn’t purchased like a couple times and.

I really liked it but I think that it’s unnecessary now for me the next thing I have here is this Revlon lip gloss in the shade Oh 15 sparkling at champagne I liked it it was okay it got a little goopy at the end because partly is pretty old it has like sparkles running through it which after it wears down.

Sparkles are like left on your lips which isn’t the most flattering like Ally’s I don’t like it that much I would not repurchase this shade at least.

I have this lip liner in Kylie this Kylie cosmetic lip liner in the color Dolce K this is in my 18 by 2018 project pan thank goodness I use.