Empties 2018 – Episode 3

Hydrating shampoo I really like this it’s actually really nice and it’s.

Pretty cheap considering it is color safe and all that good stuff this is actually recommended to me by my hairdresser and I’d really like it I think I’ve already purchased this I think not.

This one I definitely already repurchased a verb shampoo of not the hydrating life okay so the next one I have is the mica above the Velveteen dream smoothing conditioner I really really like this actually I wanted to repurchase this however whenever I was going to repurchase I.

Couldn’t find the mica on Sephora website so I don’t know if they’re repackaging because I think that they’re back.

But yeah I couldn’t find it for some reason or they were sold out at that point in time so I didn’t repurchase it then but I will repurchase this for sure because I really really liked it it really helped to condition my hair and made a nice and soft and smooth and as someone who have leaches her hair a.

Lot of damage can come from bleaching your hair obviously so a good conditioner is something that I’d really really need and I do like this a lot the batiste dry shampoo I use the booties for my dry shampoo all the time mainly cuz they’re super cheap I know that there are better ones out there that I’ve tried and that.

Make things like look better in your hair feel better however like I go through these a lot so this is what I can afford and this is the best one that I can afford and yeah I got the batiste this is the scent blush and I really do like it it says it’s floral Authority it is definitely floral scent um so yeah okay next I’m going to move on.

To skincare first things first I have the V or a your pore unclogging scrub this is a drugstore little scrub.

I don’t like this I don’t think I will repurchase this just because I felt like the scrubby’s in there were like too big and too sporadic to actually be doing.

Yeah maybe if you need something a little bit.

Lighter for a scrub this might work for you for me it did not something a little bit more intense I bought this mainly because I needed something a little bit cheaper from the drugstore and yeah I think I’ve tried this before and I need to remind myself a lot.

To get this anymore because it’s not it really doesn’t do anything for you personally okay so the next thing I have here is yet again I have this and think I had this last time too but it’s my purity it is the facial cleansing gel and eye makeup remover this does a really good job removing my makeup and is oil-free the gel.

One I believe is oil free so any of you out there gonna need that if you have acne prone skin that’s for sure that’s why I have.

To use this one and it does a really good job removing my makeup the only thing is it does strip a little bit it does leave your skin a little bit feeling dry it however it’s something that I’m okay with because it does do such a great job at removing makeup let’s go on.

To masks so the first one here is the Peter Thomas Roth with 24 karat gold mask just a little tiny and deluxe sized sample I don’t even remember where I got it from I liked it I don’t know if I buy it in fact.