Empties 2018 – Episode 3

All right hello everyone welcome back to my channel my name is Jessica day I have a long-overdue empties it’s gonna be a really long video just to remind you guys I do add up the total value of everything that I’ve used Wow have they used a lot of stuff this time around and that will be at the end.
Of the video of everything and it’s the value not.

How much I spent because I have some like deluxe sized samples which have I’ve accumulated like for free or with points or whatever else so yeah it’s not necessarily how much I’m spending but how much I’m using up in the total value.

And plus sometimes I get things on sale and yeah you know that so first things first I will go over my candles and like a perfume example that I used up I don’t add that into my empties mainly because I is separated between art and my value mainly because I separated in between makeup and skincare.

/ body care because candles really.

It’s not either that and then the perfume sample if I’ve use a large perfume it’ll definitely go and your I think probably make it go I haven’t done that yet but the samples they’re just like too small I feel like I’m it’s not worth adding up and doing.

The bathroom blah blah so now that I’m.

Done rambling and explaining and all that stuff I’m gonna get right into it and we’re gonna try and expedite some explaining and stuff like that and just get through okay I’m gonna start with my perfume sample I have this perfume sample by Elizabeth and James Nirvana it was the Bourbon I really like the scent of this however I didn’t like it on me it’s a very rich bold scent.

But with my hair smell chemistry some chemistry with it it didn’t um like it still smells okay but it also brought on something a little weird so and I’m gonna give a sample I will definitely use it up because I liked it but I wouldn’t repurchase it just for me but like I said I love.

This scent it’s beautiful just yeah not on me yeah sometimes that happens you know f3 candles that I used up from Bath and.

Body Works you guys know how.

I like the back of Body Works candles like I purchased them all the time and did these are the three wick so I have no complaints for any of them first when I used up or I think the first a carrot member was.

Campfire donut and the scent on here is powdered sugar glazed donut and cedarwood.

Essential oil a totally smells like that it’s exactly you know it’s got that what he sent with these sweet as well I really liked.
Was winter and it was the three with candle.

As well and it was made with orange and four needle essential oils and notes of clove yeah this one I would say is definitely got like that spicy scent of like the holidays I would say kind of more of like a potpourri send almost and then this other one is called vanilla snowflake I really like this one I have another one that actually need to burn I’m still working on my holiday scented candles right now so yeah but anyways this is creamy vanilla iced for winter mint and coconut flakes.

This is definitely like a almost spearmint or like minty vanilla it’s very interesting because it is that you do have that sweet scent but there’s also like a little bit of a like a mint to it as well so there’s something like that kicks it up and it smells really good it’s one of my favorite flavors okay so the next stuff I’m going to move on to is gonna be like lotions and body care and again I really like about.

Body Works body lotion so I have three of them here the first one is hello beautiful again like the scent I’m just gonna tell you what the scents are on the.

Back here mainly because the way I describe things are very helpful and the way they describe things are actually very helpful and it actually is quite true at least what I’ve found but the key notes are white communion jasmine petals jasmine petals magnolia blossom pink nectarine and cottonmouths basically a very flowery scent the other one is the velvet sugar and these ones are red velvet cream gold plum sugared musk pink jasmine and wild strawberries I wouldn’t say there’s like a strong like fruity scent.

To it I know since wild strawberry but definitely like I would definitely say like flowery sweet flowery and then sweet key is a classic it is sweet pea watery para shear freesia.

Luscious raspberry and soft musk I don’t know where the musk is coming from but yeah is just sweet flowery again that’s why I don’t describe sense cuz I literally you describe the same two different scents the same way well yeah and I like those lotions I love them every person every time the next body lotion I have is fresh cream from philosophy.

I think that this is okay I like the scent on it.

However the body lotion for philosophy feel like it doesn’t last very long it’s not like it’s not as like think as the bakken body works however this was like a gift for for.

To use it up it works fine it’s just I wouldn’t purchase it oh man this was also a gift from my mom we tend to trade makeup stuff and whatnot but she got the Josie Maran Argan sugar bomb a body scrub I did not.

Like this at all the reason why is that it was fine with the scrub and it left a little bit of a coating on you as well if you have like RIF you’re really really dry but you still want a scrub maybe try this out you might really like it however for me my problem with it was that every time I.

Use this immediately afterwards I would have to clean my shower because it would get residue like on the shower and like on the floor of the shower you know and basically any dirt like you know without you would wash off.

It would stick to it and it would.

Make sure your freakin shower looks so dirty even if you washed it like or even if you clean the shower the day before and use this it would stick to it and even like you can see I don’t know if you can see but like this container looks funky and.

I actually try to wash this stuff out I soaked it in water I did it all out.

So – it’s um actually even like dish soap and it still has like that funky residue on it so yeah I didn’t like that however it’s that’s not a big problem for you then maybe you only want to exfoliate once a week and you have like really dry skin this might be okay for you might be good I’m going to move on to hair care and the first thing I have here is the verb.