Caudalie Product Reviews | Cleansers – Double Cleanse Mixology

My name is Katie Julie so I have been converted to cleansing oils when I was first introduced to a cleansing oil it kind of was very nervous because I thought you put oily oh and only product and only skin when they pick out I’d not be good but I learned that oil combats oil double cleansing routine very important.
My skin has changed since I started doing.

A double cleanse it’s really important to get that makeup off and then actually clean your skin before you start using your serums your toners all of that so I start with.
The cleansing oil and I take whole pumps.

Dry skin massage it in get that makeup off and then I use warm water to remove it then I go in with the foaming cleanser this will give you that deeper clean so.

You can use your serums and your toners properly this is the perfect duo.