Soapbox Soaps Tea Tree Shampoo & Conditioner Review | Euniycemari

Strip it a little bit but I’ve it’s more of a deep cleansing shampoo to me I don’t think I’m gonna get.
Any moisture with a tea tree shampoo that’s like I don’t know it just.

Doesn’t go hand-in-hand waste your tea tree just I don’t think about it that way I just think of tea tree as something that’s super cleansing you know.

Um but to my surprise this shampoo was extremely moisturizing it kind of threw me especially with the consistency of it it was this is more of like a watery shampoo it’s not anything that is thick and that would give you the hope of moisture I guess you can say this was really.

Thin and I was like oh this is not gonna really do much but.

This moisturize my hair very well my hair felt clean but not stripped now when I say it felt clean it was squeaky but it wasn’t stripped okay and that’s something else that made me go huh.

Okay alright we lovin this it was easy to rinse out it rinsed out clean so what I mean by it was easy to rinse out is that a lot of times when you get shampoos if you put too much or like some shampoos just really lather a.

Whole lot and you have to rinse your hair like five to six times to get it out I went in and rinsed my hair and it just all just came.

Right out it was really clean it was really clean I didn’t have to go in and double double check my hair to make sure there wasn’t spots of my hair that had like soap stuck into it stuck in it so I did like that about it so yeah it’s just it kind of shocked me I can say this.

This kind of shocked me because I didn’t think I was gonna get moisture and then it was really watery so I was like I’m probably gonna have a like super deep condition after this but it left my hair moisturize.

Okay the cons of this is that I feel I did write down if you have really dry hair this may not give you enough moisture.

First is another shampoo like a Shea Moisture shampoo that I use and.

I’m like yo if you have really dry hair this is gonna smack you up but this right here I don’t feel like it will work for somebody who has extremely dry hair okay so that’s one thing to keep.

In mind let’s talk about the tea tree conditioner so this conditioner um I didn’t have any thoughts really towards it when I first started it was really watery really watery and usually I like my in-between conditioners to be watery I really like my deep conditioners to be more solid more thick because I like to detangle with my leave it my five mini conditioners like something like this I was.

To be able to comb through and have that slip so this gave me a lot of slip I was really impressed by this it gave me a lot of slick I was able to finger detangle like you guys seen in the clip I was able to finger detangle as well as use a comb through this and my curls were moisturized.

Like this made it easy for me to have that in-between type of conditioner and it was moisturizing when I rinsed this out of my hair my hair was extremely moisturized it just felt good like it wasn’t dry it didn’t feel crunchy it so strict and then of that my hair felt really really good so I like this conditioner I don’t have any real cons for it.

Or anything I actually liked it so let’s wrap this up and let’s talk about this in a whole in a whole these two products together worked amazing for me as you guys can see my hair is.

A couple of days out and I did did condition afterwards but like with just these two products my hair was not dry it was.

Not stripped it was not crunchy it was not any of that my hair was moisturized it felt good my curls felt good and let’s talk.

About that a little bit because not a lot of products.

Work for every hair type okay and if you look at their products they don’t say for every hair type maybe they say it on maybe they say it on the website but on their products it doesn’t say.

For every hair type so I was kind of like okay hopefully this is.

For some kinky curly hair awesome super quality curly hair because my hair is not straight my hair is not wavy it’s it’s curly so it kind of made me think too like is this for every hair type and for me using these two together it worked amazing for my.

Curly hair as far as moisture like I said if you have drier hair.

I don’t know if the shampoo will give you exactly what you’re looking for but also – it doesn’t hurt to try something out but all in all this this line is teaching lion hands-down it’s amazing I like it a lot I would repurchase these products again I will continue to use these products again so all in all you guys thumbs up now I do have a discount coupon for you guys and the code is summer.

Hair Eunice it would give you 10% off and it expires on.

November 30th so you guys have some time so you guys can get your hands on this shampoo and conditioner as well as you guys are able to give back to somebody in need as well if you guys have any questions about this brand go ahead and leave them down below and I’ll be sure to answer for you guys ballin all you guys that’s all I have to.

Say about this product I love it I will definitely buy I like the fact that they are natural it works and they give back so with that being said you guys make sure to.

Rate comment subscribe all that fun stuff and I will see you guys in a later video you.