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Other Beauty shagreen is Marie here and today I have a full review and demo for you guys that’s a soap box tea tree shampoo and conditioner if you are new to my channel hello go ahead and click that subscribe button and don’t forget to click the post notification bill so you guys are notified when it uploads as well.
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On my channel go ahead and give me a thumbs up and share me with the world all right you guys so soapbox reached.

Out to me and was like hey do you want to review some shampoos for us our try out some shampoos and review them and I’m like sure of course so soapbox sent me out the shampoo tea tree shampoo and tea tree conditioner now I’ve never used.

Before nor have I ever heard of them before this is my first time I’m hearing about them and so I dug a.

Little deep you guys know that I am all about natural products and so I was like are they a natural brand what are they all about so some box is a natural brand their shampoos and conditioners contain their color safe no SLS no SLES no paraben no silicone also.

They are cruelty free vegan which is good so I was like alright check my check mark and then also – what really caught my attention was the fact that when you purchase a product a bar of soap is provided to someone in need locally or abroad okay and I thought.

That was pretty cool as well they talked about how that is done here and all that in a moment so the products that I receive is the tea tree soap sorry tea tree shampoo this is a 16 fluid ounce T tree shampoo it is for to clarify and to clean this has a low age and shea butter in it and of course like I said it is color safe along with the tea tree conditioner purify and.

Has shea butter in it and it is colored safe as well okay this isn’t does it have.

Just shea butter it is color as well Bo thing about this is that you know when you purchase a.

Product they have something called a hub code on the back here so when you purchase a product you will go um I believe online they have the web code the website here that she will go on there and you would enter that hope code after making your purchase and that is how you are able to.

Provide for somebody else that is in me and I feel like that is really really important especially a healthier option for people that are in need so I think that’s another thing.

That listed out to me about this company but um yeah so we’re gonna go ahead and we’re gonna jump into the demo of this and I’m gonna share with you guys after.

My full thoughts on these products okay let’s get started hey you guys so this is my hair this is two days after using these products on my hair I did deep conditioning with my normal.

Shea Moisture deep conditioner and then I applied some leave-in conditioner into my hair but my hair was too really soft it’s really cool so we’re gonna get into the pros the cons of these two products okay we’re first going to start with the tea tree shampoo now before I step into this let’s talk.

A little bit so when I get a tea tree shampoo I don’t even think about.

Moisture I don’t really think of the fact that all that’s gonna give me moisture I think okay it’s going to cleanse my hair um maybe.