#365 Days Of Samples Week #26 | Sample Sunday

ULTA Beauty smart skincare solutions pre mask prepping face scrub smoothing apricot it’s fully.

Apricot and cherry seasons skin soothing jojoba Sabine vitamin E so it has two uses in here so.

One down here that’s what that looks like we’ll be giving that a try also don’t we have a serum in here that I’m using so I’m going to pull for this one this is the Hydra PD and micro serum yeah that’s what it is so there we go that’s that’s that so I’m gonna be using.

This that’s my serum this week I was gonna pull for one of these this is the skin fix face cleansing cloth it’s supposed to remove makeup dirt and impurities so I’m pulling.

One of these I have a couple more but I’m just gonna pull one thing this week so if I’m wearing like a whole face of makeup this is something that I will reach for don’t currently have a sample size face mask that I’m using so this is by.

Fresh and this is the vitamin nectar by rinsing busine face mask I also used up my fragrance sample so I’m gonna pull some of.

These so I’m gonna pull about five of them so I have the product candy kiss a little perfume thing I have the time for two plaque orchid little perfume sample the Sarah Jessica Parker lovely out and then on the.
Back of it is also another one so Daisy.

At Marc Jacobs so that’s four so we’ll pull one more and this is another Marc Jacobs Daisy so fresh perfume a little sample thing.

Got five of these little guys to use as a makeup sample this is by bare minerals this is their original foundation with.
SPF 15 so it looks like this has three different shades in.

There I might be able to get away.

With using two of them the fair one and maybe the medium one so we’ll give that a.

Try I think I’m actually in shoes – so I got spermatozoon conditioner this week the first one is the love beauty and Planet argan oil and.

Smooth and serene shape conditioner and the second one I’m going to pull for is the organics gravity-defying and hydration shampoo and conditioner so I think those are all the samples I’m gonna pull for this week I have quite a few in front of me I’ve got these these guys and then the ones that I showed earlier and the ones that I am still working on so I’ve got quite a few samples in front of me right now to.

Use for this week my goal here is to like I said use sample size products instead of the full size for this month and kind of go through more of my samples that way and also help.

Me be able to pack more efficiently because.

These I can just toss after I’m done with them instead of having to pack them and bring them to the.

Next place so I hope you guys enjoyed watching this I know it was a little bit of a different sample Sunday video but I don’t know I.

Be fun I’ll still give you guys updates every week and talk about the products a little bit and I’m still choosing new ones to use as well so kind of similar just a little bit different okay well I will see.

Guys next time thank you for watching and as always if you have tried any of these products let me know your thoughts on them as well and I will see you guys next time bye.