#365 Days Of Samples Week #26 | Sample Sunday

Everyone so today I’m going to be doing an update on my sample Sunday video for you guys or hashtag 365 days samples um I have a few things that I used up and then I’m also going to talk about how I’m gonna change this up just for a little while for now anyway so yeah let’s just jump first.

Into what I used up I finished up the Tresemme touchable softness shampoo and conditioner use these guys up and I did actually quite like these I used it three times although I probably should have used it twice the third time I just didn’t have enough but.

Um actually I liked these days were good I do seem to like Tresemme hair products and so I would probably purchase these if I need a shampoo.

And conditioner so these were a good one to try it out because now I know that this is one that I do like this is the juice beauty green apple age-defy serum I ended up having to use it all at once which was fine a public destruction to to uses out of this but I used it once and it was okay at first I thought.

I might have reacted weird to it just because of the way it felt when I first applied it but my skin didn’t get red or anything like that I didn’t have any bad reaction to it so it was fine but because I could only use this once I can’t really say whether I liked it or not the last product that I used up is this Chloe Flor lowered a flirty perfume parfum.

And it looks like this and I kind of liked this this wasn’t bad it’s more of a clean scent which.

Too floral so I actually did enjoy this this was nice and I don’t know if I would pick it up because I have so many fragrances right now to work through but this is something I would consider if I wanted to pick up a new fragrance this is one that.

I would consider picking up this did smell really good so I’m glad I tried that.

So I’m to the products I didn’t finish this is the Murad complete perform with.

Glycol firming complex and I use this like twice I think and I kind of felt like I had maybe a little bit of a reaction to it I started breaking out where I had put this so yeah I haven’t used it since then.

Um so I am a little hesitant to try it again but I will I’ll try it again and see if I have the same reaction or if it might have been something else another one that I am still working on is the too cool for school all in one egg mellow cream 5 and one for Mina moisturizer this is what it looks like and um so this is a.

Little different so when I first put it on I put it I kind of rubbed it in my hands and it got really like tacky like sticky.

Like stringy almost and I tried to pet it into my skin and that did not work so then the.

Time I just put it out by my fingers and rubbed it in directly into my face that worked a lot better um but I had put multiple dots around my face and I didn’t rub them all in at the same time I did like ones you know like that so um I feel like this is something that you kind of.

Want to put in one spot and then focus on that spot rub it in and real good and then.

Go on to the next because it does either sink into your skin or just it it’s not very blendable.

Little bit so it only gives you a very short amount of time to rub it into your skin but my Smashbox primer you guys all know has been in this project for a while now I’m making somewhat of progress it’s in this little container here but not a whole lot so that’s what’s left in there on the side over here okay I’m just slowly working on it.

I’m not gonna take it out of the project because this is the only primer that.

I’m currently using but I just don’t use primer all that often I don’t know I forget now let’s talk about how I’m going to pick new samples to try out this week so I’m gonna do it a little bit differently um I’m not gonna just grab randomly from a bag and pull it out I am moving this month and I been trying to pack up as much as possible ahead of time and I feel like I can definitely put some good use to my samples and instead of keeping.

Full-size products continually using them and then transferring them during move I’m going to use as many sample size products as possible so then I can pack my full-size stuff so I’m just going to choose selectively what I’m gonna be using and I’m going to be choosing more samples and then each week.
Throughout this month I will update you on what I have.

Used that week what I’m still working on and filtering in some more samples of the products that I used so I’m gonna be choosing like one of each thing if I have it as a sample so for example I am still working on this moisturizer here so I’m not gonna pull a moisturizer another moisturizer this will be my moisturizer see a bowl that.

I’m using so kind of like that.

So I also wanted to mention that aside from this sample series I.

Am currently also using other samples I just haven’t shown just because they’re either bigger or I ran on my full size so I just pulled for something so that I had it the first thing is this Olli Hendrickson the clean truth foaming cleanser and this used to be the African.

Red tea cleanser that I used up so it’s basically the same thing just different packaging I’m to here and so this will be my cleanser that I’m using right now so I won’t need to pull another sample I am also currently using this Lancome absolute the night premium night cream and this is actually a new jar I.

Was using one before this and you sit up completely so that’ll be an empties but so I just started working on this one so I haven’t made a whole lot of progress but this will be my night cream that I’m using and then for my eye cream this is actually almost gone so I will.

Probably next week pull for another eye cream sample but this is the little Arbonne column the soothing eye gel here’s the bin of samples that I am going to try and work through this month and this has all kinds of stuff in it from skincare haircare a little bit of makeup.

So it’s got all sorts of stuff in here so if I had a symbol of it I put a put that in here so I have moisturizer I have a.

Scrubs I have cleansers all that kind of stuff and I’m hoping to go through a majority of what’s.

In this basket for this month and use these products instead of my full-size products think that I don’t currently have in my little sample collection is a face scrub so I am going to pull out this.