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Hey everyone it is that time again where I am gonna go through my empties I do go through my empties and give you a small review on the product and just let you know that what we have went through as well went through another person and I forgot who was maybe Michelle or forgot who it was told me.

To take this top off which I did I’ve got the little last bit that’s like for a half of a load so it it is really easy I just.
Did it with my hands I just.

Took this top off right here and got the little last bit out and then what I do is.

I put a little bit of water in here and then put it in the sink and in the toilet and just do a.

Quick light clean and get the bathroom smelling like Priscilla but I love this stuff I love the pink one more but I just adore Persil and can you tell my mama for boys.
Like it seems like every empties.

I’ve got laundry soap so I went through this ultra downy order protect my first time trying it a lot of this stuff is since couponing I haven’t tried a lot of.

The stuff before but now I am absolutely love this stuff highly recommend definitely works for breeze there is still about this much in here but look see.

How it’s squirting can you guys see that it didn’t come like that it’s my kids fault I had it up on a in the bathroom like were you hanging the towels.

We’ve been having plumbing issues and we still are and anyways it dropped either maintenance broke it or the kids I don’t know but I’ve got to let see yep it’s trash but I love that Febreze game and then with plumbing issues because it’s our toilet I’m constantly having to mop they’ve actually ripped my toilet and I’ve been waiting like four days and so.

It keeps I keep having to mop every five seconds so I went through a whole bottle of this in like three days and my bathroom is small you guys it’s how much back plumbing issues yet they raised our rent a hundred dollars but can’t fix the dang toilet Frankie well actually the younger.

Boys used this to Johnson’s baby shampoo highly recommended I love the smell.

Of this and I love the smell of this on the boys hair Frank who went through a Nivea men maximum maximum hydrating don’t mind the beeping you guys hydration lotion he loved this stuff he went through this pretty quick sadly but he’s fluffy so he.

Puts this on I believe once or twice a day his whole body so I’m not gonna purchase this and once I’m couponing just because I don’t pay full price for anything nowadays but if I don’t get Nivea then he’s gonna have to deal with what I got went through a Olay I’m not a fan of this one I.

Am open to try like the other sense but yeah I just it almost is y’all are gonna think I’m wearing but it almost has like this clay kind of smell I don’t know how.

To describe it I’m just not a fan of the way I’m just not but yeah I’d be open to try other cents but this for sure not and if I do get this I’ll just sell it in like bundles or something went through a pall mall oxy actually I may keep this container because.

I got a bunch of dawn dish soaps.

Keep awning and I need little container there so I’m gonna keep that but highly recommend this one went through a ibuprofen because I have been having some serious health issues actually I mean I was in the bed yesterday for a good 24 hours I couldn’t.

Even walk some of you guys know what’s.

Don’t but anyways I come through ibuprofen and yeah this is empty probably recommend it it is cheaper I can’t tell you this I used to.

Buy ibuprofen from Dollar Tree and 99 cents store which is a good deal but it is cheaper to buy the Walmart brand for 250 I.

Think it’s like two dollars for this big bottle when you go to the Dollar Tree and and all that it’s like 20 pills for a dollar so kids went through a Flintstone gummies.

They love these and I get these coupon e they do I can’t tell you this though the dentist does not recommend.

Gummies because it can cause cavities because of sugar so like I said see I’m gonna just show you what’s on the back but yeah Dennis will tell you don’t give your kids these gummies I.

However have some picky eaters like really picky like where they don’t get their nutrition in so it was a risk I was going to take plus I got these free couponing so I did give these to my kids but I know if they can swallow pills it’s better for them to swallow or like the other Flintstones I got this free and a pinch me dry eye relief Frank or.

Jayden use it I forget who did and they said it worked good went through my last one I just used this for air freshener not body spray but I got this from the Dollar Tree and it’s it smells like like baby like.
Cotton powder baby powder so it was okay for an.

Air freshener I mean room spray whatever went through a couple packages that the Pampers you know we I love the scent but they are thin very thin went through a Jessica Simpson perfume I really like it it didn’t stay it stayed on me about.

Three or four hours until I had to.

Use the rest I use this all in one day because I had to reapply but I really really like the smells like the set went through a degree dry spray really liked it but it just didn’t last me that long and what I.

Mean last me that long I mean the bottle the deodorant worked good but yeah I guess what sprays don’t last as long anyway so went through a crest ProHealth how we recommend love it went through a whole blends this is a conditioner I’m almost done with the shampoo so.

You’ll probably see that in the next empties honey treasures Nicole and so many other people have talked about this I finally picked it up keep awning love it absolutely.

I have tried the Apple haul blends and then the blue one which is coconut and I was like what is why is what’s everyone’s deal on this whole blends honey treasures definitely tried the honey treasures I am I do have several different haul blends so I am going to try different ones but this is bomb and then went through a unstoppable Febreze wax melt highly recommend as well it was.

Green this is what it looks like I did.

Get this cheap couponing but I think it’s around three or four dollars at your grocery store I happen to get this at Dollar General and yeah it smells amazing.

In lasts a long time so and you can see the how big the squares are or the I guess are.