Empty Makeup And Product Reviews Jan/2018

At being a friction stick this was good at being a cleanser and it was good at being a mask I was not expecting any of those things.

To happen because it’s skincare from Tarte and I didn’t.

Have high expectations who take a breath girl but yeah I was actually really really impressed with this and for the right price or at the right time in my life I would possibly pick that back up Peter Thomas Roth blue marine algae mask this is nice for me as.

You know have a lot of problems with my skin so one of the ways that I get moisture in my skin is through masking so it’s something that I can actually wash off so yeah this was nice it worked okay for that I don’t think I would repurchase it to D dulcis I definitely wouldn’t repurchase this I thought it wasn’t okay sick but I ordered it so I didn’t really know what I was getting and it was just okay dr. Woods tea tree casts castile soap this.

Is my go-to I love this buddy for my brushes I love to wash my brushes and we fill up our hand.

Soap dispensers with this in the house as well beautiful.

It takes all the makeup off it does have like a little bit of oil in so I my favorite way to use this as I wash I do one wash with this because it’s a little bit moisturizing for your brushes and then I go in with my Cetaphil bar and rub the brush on there and then wash it off with there so I do two washes for my brushes which I typically.

Have to do anyways regardless of what cleanse are amusing so it’s not a bigger pain for me to do that and this is pretty inexpensive this is a concentrate so you can mix it with water okay so that is all my empties not a ton which is nice for a change because I have been like swimming and stuff and yeah thank you guys thank you to all the new subscribers I am like I’m really really appreciating it thank you guys so.

Much and don’t forget if you’re not subscribed to my channel please subscribe give me the chance to at least see least see if you like my content or not um if you don’t like me unsubscribe labor you know what I mean but it doesn’t hurt to.

The chance to pop up in your feed a few times um anyway so that’s all for today and I’ll see.