Empty Makeup And Product Reviews Jan/2018

Hey guys welcome to the fastest and DS are ever gonna see me do I very very rarely have this little bit of stuff so anyways let’s just get started pumpkin bath bomb by lush lush does this thing to me yeah I have this like weird relationship with lush i love lush and they make great products however like when.

I buy a pumpkin bath bomb i won’t have to smell like a pumpkin i wanted to smell like stereotypical pumpkin spice because it was for fall and I want my pumpkin spice lush like refuses to give in to that you know what I mean they do their own thing and I actually I really.
Appreciate it don’t take me too seriously but however I would like if.

They would give me some stereotypical pumpkin spice type sense in the fall I’m sure.

That they do have those products however I don’t have a lush store near me.

So I just have to kind of buy stuff that one however smelled heavy heavy on the ginger and even that was a fall release if they come back out with.

It next year I won’t be purchasing it because it was it was almost so astringent that it like kind of burnt my eyes not like in.

A bad way but it was a lot Cetaphil daily facial normal to oily skin cleanser this took me forever to use up however I did really like it I didn’t use it to like remove makeup or anything I only used it when like in the.

Mornings my face was already clean yeah so I do like that I would possibly repurchase it wasn’t overly drying if I did repurchase.

I would repurchase in a smaller size confidence in an eye cream I really really liked this I have another sample of it so I’ll talk more about that in a later empties but I did.

Really like that rose Argan body conditioner love this stuff it’s the end our you can.

Either in the shower or out of the shower it’s very intense if you use it out of the shower it’s nice and light if you use it in the shower it smells.

Rose jam here’s my latest little tiny Rose jam this is only available during Christmas so I always stock up.

This took forever origins modern friction I think I used this what was the yeah I.

24 months because it took me almost 24 months to use this whole container I use this once a week as as my exfoliator I do really like this I.

Am currently kind of taking a break because I did use I.

Use this like every week for two years so I’m gonna take just a smidge of a break.

But I have a sample size that I’m gonna start using again after I after I get myself a break for a minute baked highlight ooh this is a good product this is a fun one too I’ve used up I use this sort of as not necessarily.

A setting powder but after I would set my whole face I go really really really mad so I would put this like maybe in some areas that I don’t feel like need to be as matte so I would add that in honestly I wouldn’t repurchase it it’s too subtle so yeah I just I felt like it really wasn’t very much Chloe I love I plan on buying the full size of this one day it just smells really nice on me why I saw the.

Shark mascara I really liked this it’s a lot like the Marc Jacobs velvet noir mascara that I like however this like sample after like a week the formula started to change and I didn’t love it anymore so I wouldn’t.

The chance and buy the full size I loved it when I first opened it but after like the formula started getting flaky really fast so.

I’m not gonna take the chance on that one coated Levinas sores I think actually use that on my body so I won’t review it mascara let’s see what are you mascara Burberry cat lashes I actually really liked this one however it was just too natural for me it gave a very lengthening effect but little to no volume so it was very pretty but it wasn’t dramatic enough for me Pacifica Indian coconut nectar I really liked this lotion.

I like I think it Pacific is natural right it’s hard to find in the past I’ve.

Had trouble finding natural lotions that absorb into the skin and that are moisturizing so yeah that one was good for me and I would pick that up again fresh Lotus youth preserve I don’t know here it is I’m actually using this on my body so I won’t review it um I actually used it green clean oh this was garbage I hated this did I hate this I don’t remember I didn’t love it definitely Pharmacy yes I didn’t like this the consistency was too thin certain oils melt.

And they get really really thin and then they get in my eyes and they get on my contacts this is probably what coconut oil in here coconut oil does that really bad on me I don’t know I don’t see the.

Ingredients but coconut oil is like gets in my eyes and gets on my contacts and drives me crazy so moving on ultimate eye lift Joe actually enjoyed this but this is like a really sticky they used to have make they a company the company that.

Makes the say knives say knives used to make something like this and it was like three dollars I don’t know what the price is on here but I’m gonna guess it’s a lot more than three dollars I did really like this I would consider repurchasing it however I don’t like that it’s in a jar um so yeah probably won’t because it’s in.

A jar by Elmo kevie I like it.

I don’t think it’s a repurchase for me but I I’ve used it up and I thought it was okay Tom.

Ford Black Orchid mmm I love this one I loved it especially oh I’m showing you yeah look at that I loved it especially in the bottle I loved it on my skin but I felt like it would disappear on me and I don’t know if it’s.

Because it was the rollerball or what it’s just beautiful woody oh I enjoy that scent very much but it just didn’t really like it didn’t have a throw on me throughout the day I didn’t smell it anymore it.
Just went away bare skin no bare skin rolls bare minerals.

Spare skin I don’t think this one is in medium I go through these concealers pray frequently so I enjoy it Bulgari we have nice but not repurchase this one was really green and very fruity omnia coral my baby’s crying so we’re gonna go umm commodity book this one was Woody and perfumey the scented and last skin ink facial pill I’ve.

Reviewed that in a prior video skin Inc whipped cleansing cream this was okay but not a repurchase I was actually pretty impressed with this is the Tarte friction stick and I have to say I was pretty impressed this was good.