Empties #4 Natural Hair Products And More

OPI it’s all gone and I already have several backups and y’all that is it for my empties bag oh oh a minute I had these ultra cotton pads the Ulta brand I don’t like them I didn’t know like I had balsam I don’t know if.
I bought from Walmart or where I’m from and they were so good these kept.

Leaving cotton all on my face I didn’t like these so I will not repurchase those but yeah that’s it I’m done with my empties and when this bag fills up again I’ll come back and let.

You guys see what I got you empties nuts it y’all.

Let me get out of here cuz I’m tired I had a great day boom Ted all right y’all all my new subscribers I mean y’all are pouring in I see y’all coming I know somebody’s telling somebody about me because they are coming in and I appreciate you all for sharing my channel and for all my new subscribers I see you and I appreciate.

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