Empties #4 Natural Hair Products And More

Shampoo and as you can see I’ve used it.

All and it’s y’all see look my hair is dyed thanks to kena y’all this is some pretty good shampoo and get your hair clean but it don’t feel strip is moisturizing at the same time so I most likely will repurchase this I’m not sure my hair stylist was telling me another shampoo that it will work out for color-treated hair so I’m gonna try that one.

First and then I might go back to this I don’t know yet all right what is this yall already know my old Henriksen clean truth cleansing cloths yeah no I didn’t gotta tell you if you don’t know yeah I’m gonna do a whole video.

About this line so it’s coming I love these so I’m not gonna go in those details I got three or four on back up now you guys know my three and one nail polish remover by Zoya love this stuff only polish that I.

Use I already have a backup and your nails feel so nurse during neutral I mean like nourish oh y’all this is my favorite scent from Bath and Body Works I don’t have a lot of Bath & Body Works products anymore but they only.

Bring this scent out when you know when they bring out the oldies but goodies when they be real cheap so I picked this up and y’all it smells so good and I have one more backup and any time I see it I will pick it up now my eco styler gel y’all know I love that and yeah I already got a backup now y’all it’s mostly some controversy about this Ecostar jug that I’m not a privy of if.
You know or if you got a video that talks about it link it.

In the comment section for them so I can be.

Aware I don’t wanna be any streets ignorant now the next thing this basically is a hair um empties I’ve been going through a lot of hair products this is my Shea Moisture strength and growth to restore.

Treatment mass this is the one that’s kind of like the protein one what I purchase this again yeah I want to purchase this again what else is in here oh this is my Adaline y’all it’s a moisturizing cleanser but what I use it for is when you workout I put it around my stomach and then put my waist trainer yeah this.

Has you sweating like a pig when I tell you sweating like a pig sweating like.

A pig and I feel like it’s okay put on my stomach since it’s okay for my face you know I’m taking.
Shower anyway and y’all exceed I have used it so.

That means I’ve been working out so that’s what this mean this empty means your girl been working out.

I just got back to working out for real don’t yell I’m still on that journey.

Child still on that journey and this is a country Apple this is one of the cents I like truth from Bath and.

Body Works I’ve used that up and I will repurchase it cuz I do like that scent and what is this oh.

This is there’s a vendor here at my local flea market it’s booth number 521 is that the flea market in Pineville and Nate also I think she might sell online I’m not sure but anyway she does Shea butters and this one was in clean cotton y’all it smells so good but you see your girl I used it all up so this.

Was supportive sister right here and it’s so so good and then right here is a real techniques sponge that is seen better days and then we have my top coat from.