Empties #4 Natural Hair Products And More

If you need some advice or looking for an idea just to get some tips you can get that right here this is Murray’s life yeah this is yeah check out this welcome back lanes to the grown woman’s time Oh ladies ladies ladies to sugar Oh Laurie hey girl hey how y’all doing today I hope you guys are having.

A great day because I am yo first of all let’s take care for a little bit of.

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My y’all ready oh no I want the fall my empties yeah you know I love my bag and if you’re new this might be your first time seeing is back but if you are a content creator and you would like to get a bag mate you need to make sure you check out.

Another crispin cuz that’s who did my bag so y’all wanna get right into this video and I’m gonna sit it I guess I’ll just sit it on sit on the side no I’ll sit right here I don’t wanna stuff falling out though.

Alright the first thing we’re gonna talk about is my gardening mercury cleansing water it’s almost done so I’m gonna go ahead and show you just for it cuz I’m not gonna throw this off I’m gonna finish this up but y’all let me tell.

You a chip I was watching destiny godly and she was saying that she takes her her baby white she my baby wipes and but then she pours this some of this inside of it and she said it really cleanses your face so i’ma probably go to the Dollar Tree and they have some really nice little wipes too for a dollar but sometimes they don’t really get all the.

Makeup off like I wanted to but I’m gonna add the rest of this and a couple of them another soak it up and we’ll I’m gonna let you know how well this work out but yeah that’s the first thing that’s in there.

Now you guys know I’m going to see if I could pull all this out together I did a full review on this main choice trouble moranga so this.

Was the braids out glaze this was the deep conditioner the mass and this was the sealing cream so if you want to know my thoughts on that I’ll leave a link up here and you can go check that out okay with.

Some more hair products y’all I have mine Shea Moisture curling and has smoothing and my curling gel souffle guys these two right here combined together are the mecca of moisture when I tell you you have moisture for days you have moisture for day so what are.

We purchased this absolutely it’s great for adding moisture to my hair so it um away I’m just gonna reach in here you guys know I love my Neutrogena face wipes these are the wife that I use at night and I already have a backup this is my as I am.

Coconut car wash conditioner yeah I got a lot of hair products huh so this right here is first of all it smells so good but if you want to Co wash your hair and you want to feel like it’s clean and soft at the same time this right here is the deal real deal Holyfield would I repurchase absolutely okay y’all the next thing I have is a Shea Moisture seed cap and pearl protein color extender.