Evolvh Ultimate Styling Creme Review

You noticed in the beginning of this video when I was talking it.

Looked really flat on this side I had laid down and I hope the guy got the product well enough or ice crunched it well enough on this side but all I did was Reese Pritz my hair and you can see.

How much better this side looks I’ve got some really great curl formation and honestly before.

I did it it was flat so I do think that it does have a stronghold I’ve got good volume and I think some girl good curl definition on this side and on this side again and I’ll show you the back so I just slept with.

My hair and I like half up in a clip I think that helps me get from keep my volume up here but doesn’t make the back of my.

Hair as flat or as like wonky when I take it out of a pineapple so that’s really all I did I had an active day yesterday have already had an active morning so yeah I just Britton defuse I got some good curls back in there I.

Think that was much more possible to do with the cream as opposed to the lotion I agree that it has a stronger hold than the lotion it still feels voluminous I.

Didn’t need to reapply and it doesn’t feel weighed down I don’t feel like any build-up or residue at all so far I mean it feels like my hair and so I think in define deciding between the lotion and the cream the longer my hair gets the more I’d probably pull for the cream as it’s got a stronger hold both offer volume I think that the.

Lotion is a little bit more lightweight even just slightly so I think the shorter my hair is I might.

Pull for the lotion both you can use.

By themselves I think if you were going to layer I would much rather layer the lotion as it gives even like fluffier curls I don’t think the cream needs it as.

Much I know that lotions are 5 and 1 but I really using this by itself is nice you could I think either one if you’ve not if.

You let creams or if you’re new to the line you could easily grab either one and probably find much success they’re very similar there very similar I.

Don’t think my hair is the best to kind of determine between the two because mine is pretty I can pretty much use almost.

Any product and I don’t have a problem so I think if you are somebody that for light weight something you.

And you like to layer I’d go for the lotion if you want to keep it simple and minimal and you want a little bit more hold.

I’d go for the cream I think either one you could get to work so successfully for you so this is second day hair it looks great I could easily you know caveat this in two three day hair so let me know what you think have.

Used the cream and the lotion and how do you feel that the differ what do you feel the differences are these are great options to pick up so I will.

Leave everything linked below and let me know what you think about curl creams or curl or curl lotions thanks so much for watching bye.