Evolvh Ultimate Styling Creme Review

Hey guys welcome back to my channel so today is an other product review in the Evolve age line and then that is their total control styling créme this is the product that used to style my hair this morning I have since been in a car with the windows down messed around with my kids I’ve been sweating because I’m.

In Arizona and in November it is still hot even though I decided to still wear sweaters and so this was the next product that I needed to use I shampooed and conditioned my hair with the smart curl shampoo and conditioner similar to the other times that I’ve used the other products I shampooed and conditioned my.

Hair the same exact way I did with the lotion and with the balm.

So I will leave a link if you want to check out exactly how I did that I also applied this very similar to how I did to the lotion a little bit more liberal than the balm but I only applied it from my from my ends up to my roots and I just scrunched in I plopped my hair for about a.

Half-hour let my hair dry my hair air dry for about 15 to 20 minutes and then.

My hair or diffused my hair for about 5 to 10 minutes not even the thing that I do like about ingredients and products.

That are very concentrated or that are meant to only be one or two is that your hair dry so much faster and it’s so much lighter when you don’t have to use.

And kind of layer and layer products.

So from their website this total control styling cream is an uber versatile but am botanical formula that’s ideal for creating virtually any look this has.

Meant to add fullness and volume to create gorgeous curls or to make sleek and straight hair when using a flatiron this product feels virtually weightless leaves hair soft shiny and without frizz total.

Control will preserve your amazing look for days key ingredients.

Are similar to the lotion with flax mallow and chamomile they they say for maximum value to blow dry your hair from the root off the scalp and use a round brush technique for smoothness and lift and for curly.
Hair apply wet from roots to ends then using fingers.

To form the ringlets shape you desire.

And let air dry so I did not do that way I feel that most of all HS products are concentrated and you can use when you.

Use a heavy hand you’re much more likely to get a bad hair day because of using too much a lot of their products are very.

The on their styling products as opposed to their shampoo and conditioner so I always make sure that my hair is well clumped and detangled very as much as I need and I.

Don’t depend on any of the slip from the product because I just want to make sure that product is evenly distributed by scrunching so if you check out my last one of my other videos that I’ll link below on how I applied the balm it’s the same.

Way I am always a little the area of using too much which is a nice thing but it’s something.

To know going in that if you use for the lotion and.

For the cream about a more a little bit more than a quarter size amount I have a little I’ve hair just past my shoulders I don’t have a lot of hair my hair is not thick so I would.

Adjust accordingly if I were you if you had more hair or thicker heavier hair than I do you can definitely build upon that I did not use their leave ins my hair feels very voluminous and evolved age seems to give my hair tighter curls which is really interesting so you can see I’ve got some good curl formation here they’re bouncy.

And springy which is really good and makes them feel very healthy I do have some frizz but it’s a normal amount I think.

Comparing it to the lotion this is supposed to be.

Their strongest hold in their line and.

I can see that even though it’s got a strong hold it.

Gives good volume and good movement my hair does feel soft it doesn’t feel weighed down and I will update you depending on how it looks tomorrow and if it lasts for days indeed I think that it might I definitely had to have less frizz then with the lotion and I use it all alone today so this is another great product another ingredient is the silicone.

That is a water cell you’ll watch ourselves silicone I forget the name of it I’ll put.

But it is water-soluble and it does evaporate so it only rates it to on the ewg website so if you are a silicone free like strict purist curly girl just take note I have had that issue with weighing down and so some people are okay with that if you are not just make note that the styling cream and.

The styling lotion both include that ingredient I might use the styling cream as my hair gets longer and if I need a lot more hold with still some good lift because you tend to lose some of the volume and the curl as your hair gets longer so the lotion is great that my hair is shorter and then the lotion I would still use and the cream.

I would use is I need more hold so these are both really great products they’re very similar but they’ve got little differences to them I will note that the scent reminds me of their masks it’s got a little bit.

Of a scent of their mask which has like a fruity type smell it’s not my favorite but as soon as my hair dries.

It goes away I will be doing a video on the rest of their products their line as.

I’ve already covered with this one and the lotion and the balm there are three main styling products they do have to leave in conditioners one for detangling one for volume they have a they have a conditioning mask and they have a finishing balm so I will be doing a full brand review coming up I’m also going to.

Be comparing and contrasting it to other green beauty brands so just look out for a lot more information to come I’ve really enjoyed trying out these styling products and messing with them a lot I love the simplicity of the line the concentration and I think a little bit does go a long way which is a really really great option to have so thank you guys so much for watching be sure to give this video.

A like it be sure to give this video like if you found this helpful at all and make sure that you subscribe so you don’t miss out on any future reviews thanks for watching good morning so it’s the next day I simply spritz my hair mostly the.

Ends and then I diffused I wanted to see if I.

Could activate this side if I’ll ever like reactivate my curls on this side if.