Earth Facts For Kids | Clever Cat Free Preschool Learn Amazing Facts About The Planet Earth

Hey you welcome back to clever cat class are you ready to learn something all-new and be a very clever cat me too happy Earth Day actually we missed it April 22nd is the day for celebrations in over 190 countries around the world and honor the planet we all call home but I wanted to give you a head start.

On your summer earth-friendly plans in the United States we’ve been celebrating Earth Day since 1970 as a way of recognizing the importance of the earth and showing.

Support for environmental protection efforts and it’s never the wrong time to do that Earth Day became an internationally recognized holiday in 1990 and is celebrated by more than 1 billion people around the world but there’s lots of facts about the earth that I bet all those billion people either don’t know or don’t quite.

Get right most important of all a day is not actually 24 hours here on earth a day is actually 23 hours 56 minutes and 4 seconds long and a year is 365.

Calculate that all the time would just be too much math we just round the days to 24 hours and a delete day in February to make all those numbers work out so now you know we’re leap years come.

From – of course in about a hundred and forty million years people are gonna have to recalculate everything anyway because the Earth’s rotation is gradually slowing down but don’t freak out though scientists estimate it’s only slowing about 17 milliseconds every hundred years so you won’t notice it but someday we’ll have a 25 hour day lots of people know that the Earth’s nickname is the blue planet but if you.

Actually think about how Earth earned that title it’s because 70% of the planet is covered with water not only about 3% of that.

Water is fresh and suitable for drinking the rest is just too salty even more curiously.

That is drinkable fresh water only 1% us available for drinking the other 2% is frozen solid in ice sheets and glaciers that’s okay though because at least we all know it’s there that tremendous.

Earth another cool feature if someone way out in space with the planet Earth we’re one of the brightest planets they’ll see because the water reflects the sun’s rays and lights us up I wonder if creatures on another planet ever wish upon the planet.

Earth of course someone looking at Earth from the surface of the Moon would be able to watch our planet go through phases like we watch happen to the moon Wow imagine a calendar based.
On the full earth half Earth Chris and earth of.

Course the earth is an all water though despite the amount of water we have here on earth about one.

Third of our planet is partial or total desert land beyond service considerations the earth.

Actually has three layers the crust the mantle and the core each made up of different elements the crust is mostly iron mixed with oxygen silicon magnesium sulfur nickel and a small amount of other elements.

The crust is actually very cool see it’s formed in two different plates that float around on the Earth’s mantle you don’t notice though because scientists say the rate of movement is about as slow as a hair growing that doesn’t count earthquakes though we don’t feel all of those either there it has about a half a million detectable earthquakes each year but thankfully we only feel about a hundred thousand of them and only one hundred.

Is strong enough to cause any damage the mantle makes up about 84% of the Earth’s total volume even though it’s mostly oxygen with some silicon and magnesium mixed in with other trace minerals unlike the crust the mantle was fixed rock that doesn’t move or at least we don’t want it to finally there’s the core the core is actually two different layers buttered into one the outer.

Layer of the Earth’s core is believed to be liquid though no one has gone down to check the inner layer is supposed to be solid but it’s solid that’s as hot as.

The Sun the inner core actually works with the Earth’s rotation to generate the powerful magnetic field we all rely on to protect us from the effects of solar wind.

Of course between one and three hundred tons of cosmic dust do make it into the Earth’s atmosphere so we could use just a bit more shielding don’t.

Tell the Canadians though because in the 1960s scientists discovered that large parts of Canada actually.
Have less gravity than the rest of the planet of.

Course if you move to one of those places you’d instantly appear to lose weight so that’s something actually we could all use a lot more shielding since about 22,000 man-made objects orbit the planet earth.

Right now and that’s not counting all the space debris flying around up there now it’s important to remember that most things about the.

Core our theory because no one has ever gone there which is actually curious since scientists estimate that take about 42 minutes to get from one side of the earth to the other if someone drove us straight title and we jumped.

On in if someone was brave enough to mind the Earth’s core they’d likely come back out incredibly rich because it’s believed that there’s enough gold in the.

Core to cover the entire surface of the earth and gold one-and-a-half feet deep so far the Soviets have come closest drilling the world’s deepest hole at 40,000 – and 30 feet deep I would guess.

We could jump in there and see what we see of course we’d probably all be roasted but still the earth has some other unique traits that other planets just don’t have earth is the densest.

Planet in our solar system beating mercury by only a small amount and we’re the only planet to have water in all three forms solid liquid and gas and you probably didn’t realize that the United Kingdom has a monopoly on earth.

Queen of England technically owning about one-sixth of all our land so for us though that might.

Not be a bonus when you consider that lightning strikes the earth about 100 times per second and an average of eight point six million times each day that’s kind of scary when you think of how many creatures call the planet Earth home of course it’s probably way more than you think grab a teaspoon of soil and take a look at it that teaspoon likely holds more living organisms.

And there are people on earth really puts population density under perspective huh that’s ok because constantly changing before there were trees the earth was covered.

In giant mushrooms who knows what organizers were thrived to cover the surface next but it’s sure to be interesting for those of us watching finally we have debunked lots of early misconceptions about the earth including the idea that the earth was the center of the solar system with all the other planets orbiting around us and the belief that the.

Earth was flat and we can sell right off the end but there’s still a belief people say all the time that’s just wrong the earth is not.

Round the rotation of the earth creates a slight balls near the equator giving the planet Earth more of a shape known as a geoid so there you have 50.

Curious facts about this giant rock we all call him if you want to honor the earth and celebrate Earth Day plant a tree clean up some trash or do.

Something great to make the place a better home for all of us thank you so much for learning with me today we’re really getting quite clever aren’t we now.

It’s time for you to check your schedule and I will see you in your next class.