Laos Wonderland (full Documentary) The Secrets Of Nature

Of understanding that none of the researchers have ever seen a tiger eye to eye yet they have little doubt that the.

Big cats are nearby in an abandoned batch of banana trees they set up camp for the night hot water.

With forest herbs and rice is the usual dinner the majority of the expedition team are Larson’s the assistants and porters are excellent jungle Scouts.

Who can read animal tracks at night a temperature sinks to five degrees centigrade the lightly clad Porter’s shiver while playing cards the area to be investigated is set out in squares the camera positions are carefully defined but the Loess protected area spreads across three and a half thousand square kilometers looking for Tigers in this rugged mountain scape seems hopeless shielded by mountain.

Ranges and forgotten by the world Laos has preserved wild landscapes hardly found elsewhere in Southeast Asia traditional culture too has miraculously survived the region’s violent history.

In spite of its ethnic diversity Laos has been a predominantly Buddhist country for more than seven centuries on the Mekong there is a city that seems to consist of nothing but temples Luang Prabang once capital and royal residence is now a world cultural heritage site and the country’s religious.