Laos Wonderland (full Documentary) The Secrets Of Nature

Hunters set up for the woods to try their luck unlike.

Many lotions the akka are not Buddhist for them a.

Hunt is also a visit to the realms of spirits where rocks and plants are animated beings each akha village has a spirit swing it’s the gate to a mystic cosmos it’s built in honor of the dead and must never be touched the Aqua came here from southern China in.

Contrast to the land of their origin their villages in Laos still have a traditional look no tin roofs no electricity no plumbing the women’s.

Decorative headgear is a highly visible symbol of the.

Acha culture the akka women are expert in needlework and weaving they.

Dye the fabric for their clothes with indigo even though the men are hunters.

And trappers the akka are mainly farmers they clear the steep forests lips with fire and they plant dry rice and vegetables the hunters.

Have long disappeared into the jungle when the women set out on their way to the market selling a few vegetables is the ACA’s only source of income the main market in the north is right on the Chinese border.

In Mohan Singh the market punctuates the region’s cultural complexity of nationalities tribes and.

Languages the south is populated by Thai and Khmer the north by peoples from Tibet Burma and China Laos boasts more than 60 officially recognized ethnic minorities the north is dangerous ground the Golden Triangle is closed clandestine poppy farming drug trafficking and smuggling of goods of all kinds are challenges to the government even the wilderness is beset by serious problems poaching and illegal trade with exotic animals are a threat to the tiger population.

And other rare jungle species this is why the government supports the work of Arlene Johnson and her team wilderness research in Laos is a.

Tedious adventure we have a cursory list of.

Animals that are existing louse a land ruled by the mekong one.

Of the world’s mightiest rivers the Mekong is fed by tributaries hidden deep in pathless canyons it is a whim of history but centuries have passed with hardly a human foot trespassing in this wilderness and.

So today Laos can still boast a wealth of natural wonders uncharted rivers unclimbed mountains untouched forests inhabited by mysterious creatures Laos is a last hideout for some of Asia’s big wild animals home to dozens of indigenous tribes and cultures and keeper of a.

Buddhist tradition long lost elsewhere so in the very heart of crowded and buzzing Indochina there is a wonderland still on the brink of its first discovery in the northern province of who are farm a zoologist is on her way into the jungle Arleen Johnson is a specialist in Tigers being tongue is the vantage point of her expedition a village on the.

Fringe of the nomads fool Louie protected area Arlene and her team on a mission for the Wildlife Conservation Society or WCS and allows national forestry department when we started doing our field work ending here and which is probably fairly accurate with you know a few other species that can.

But as far as the ecology and the distribution of the majority of these species I would say we’re just in the early stages.