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Don’t think this is snakeskin mmm now I wonder hey hey it is it really is a my own piece of dragon skin dragons were responsible for a baffling human problem we once faced the magic world prefers to exist far away from the one humans live in we hardly know anything related to the human world and their beliefs however what we.

Do know is for humans dragons don’t exist that they believe that these lizards are the only creatures they have come across who have dragon-like features and.

How do we know about it well actually it all originates from a trouble my uncle Zachary once caused he was the most famous and the best dragon tamer ever the forest saw him training several kinds and he held them away.

From sight however the smokey dragon breaths covered the forest and as their numbers increased the columns of smoke floated far and caught human attention that believed that his dragons were well concealed but the wizards.

Who kept a watch on the human world informed him that pictures of dragons have materialized their Zach was compelled to leave the Dragons smoky breath was.

Cleared from the forest however he left some behind inadvertently stories poured in of further pictures of abandoned dragons attacking humans and a number of courageous humans beginning to fight back but this madness of humans fighting dragons couldn’t go on shame but it really doesn’t do to let the human and magic world mix.

Hence the wandering dragons were captured and taken out from the human world nevertheless it was because of Zach that.

Humans saw dragons so it was his responsibility now to make humans believe that they never saw actual dragons he cast a confusion spell a magic he put on creatures that resemble dragons from the crocodiles for they had skin similar to dragons thus when.

Humans encountered these animals they thought that it was these creatures that were responsible for the problems and they had never encountered an actual.

Dragon with its smoky breath the monitor lizards have a forked tongue similar to dragons and so the humans thought that.

It must have been these animals they had come across the spell worked it’s magic so well that the humans named one of them after a dragon the Komodo dragon it is perhaps the only creature which is so close in resemblance to the real one and they have been reported to ambush humans in tonnes before luckily for Zac the spell worked and human memory soon got it raised of.

The fact that they had seen actual dragons as far as we are concerned we learnt from my uncle’s ax blunders we now make it.

A point that if humans witness anything they should not be wash away their memory of that episode so that nothing like this happens again for Zach well people say that he stopped domesticating dragons however when I was a kid he sent me this piece of skin from his favorite dragon the western blue so.

I’m sure he’s still out there somewhere yes dragons never lose their spark you.