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You I have someone coming in later a customer I haven’t seen before he wants some spider potions or something he wasn’t very clear I really should try and make this place a bit tidier before he gets here this isn’t supposed to be here this should be locked away this is one of the most powerful things I have inside.
This is part of a great witch motala it comes from one of the strangest.

Stories of Wizard history now wizards generally employ owls in sending messages but when Mottola attempted to mobilize an army to.

Conquer the magic world she used some everyday animals she used bugs wizards hardly keep a tab on what bugs do and thus nobody saw they were conveying mo tollens message that the animals who go in with them would achieve magical powers such as the skill to endure fire or produce acid that would burn the skin of a wizard motor lands devilish designs effectively started to spread when the caterpillars joined ranks with her as when animals learnt about the prospect of gaining magical powers from her they.

Rapidly spread the news promptly as several caterpillars started off to persuade others to join ranks with her then she cast magic on the.

Moths and butterflies thus they also turned into messengers and conveyed the word up there.

In the canopy of the jungles motor lands militia started to swell but as supporters started to throng the noble Wizards understood what.

Her designs were and to end the progress of her militia they asked for the spiders aid because the spiders were capable of setting traps across the forests traps which are impeccable to trap them off messengers the spiders halted her flying creatures but the noble.

Wizards also required to hold her ground force back and requested the spiders to mobilize an army of ants it was very soon as mota lands army had to watch out several of them perished under attack motor learn understood she wouldn’t be able to earn.

A victory with the spiders against her so she masqueraded as one of them but true spiders have very sharp eyesight and could spot her disguise they press the alarm bell and there was no fleeing the noble Wizards went in and amputated all her legs to put an end to all her evil designs once and for all and.

Separately I am proud to be one of the Guardians which is quite a responsibility.

If all eight legs were reunited she could rise up and start causing trouble again I should stay more vigilant particularly if strangers are around asking for spider offs my old-school chest good grief to think I used to have to wear one of these ah my school reports inside these bottles are my teachers room and that must be potions now this one should be better oh yes human studies the.

Magical folk tend not to have much to do with the straight human types but having some idea of what the humans do is part of the final year exams as expected I had left it all to the eleventh hour and I had to do a report on human beings so I sought the help of the animals rats.

Can lurk around cities far more easily than wizards the blue penguins also enrolled themselves and a group of raccoons consented to aid the rats sneaked in human houses and sent back reports on what they love to have my school was happy to get this very handy piece of information as Wizards sometimes mingle with human beings they look so unfitting when they don’t even know what the humans eat more.

Such reports on food came from the raccoons since the human beings waste so much of their food these reports.

Were handy but I asked my informers to be on guard for any outlandish human behavior when the blue penguin informed me about dancing people now I could not stop myself from adding a tiny magic spell to stick there dancing for a while.

I tried a couple of speeds that amused the Penguins in a big way and they even tried emulating them but I had to find out something about human beings which wizards.
Were not aware of much such as what they did in those enormous city towers.

Simplest way was to seek the help of the peregrine falcons they are adept in finding the perfect place to watch human beings they informed me that the human beings are ruled by computers which would be.
Useful for the Wizards as by.

Fiddling with these machines Wizards can influence their world other towers were filled up with books as they were not magic books my scent in the spider beetle just to be a little naughty he devoured an impeccably straight line through more than 20 books it was well worth the effort to see the total bewilderment on the faces of.

The human beings so I finished my one good report with the animals help and the Penguins did remind me to unstick the humans that’s all such a long time.

Ago I rarely inquire about what the human types are up to now but if I ever needed to I should know whom to ask mmm I.

Wonder now which one is it the lightning one fine fine but not what I’m looking for the Laughing one a ridiculous invention now yes this is what I was looking for I have.

Someone coming in later on who needs to borrow this for a while I made this one for my nephew who came to me when he realized he was.

Colorblind which meant the products of his spells were always black actually it was true that every spell ingredient he produced was black therefore.

Tint to his life I chose to make a color wand for him in this stick I put in the most glaring colors and when the wand was all set I sent him off for preparation with firm orders to practice only.

One color at a time beginning with.

Orange I was stunned in the beginning with his orange designs but he didn’t pay heed to the orders he was bored of producing only orange and chose to try greens purples and pinks Oh his sense of color was so very wrong I had asked him to concentrate on only one color at a time to avoid this kind of idiocy with color I had to make.

Him realize his folly and put an end to his father therefore I switched the lights off but he signaled with his wand in.

The dark and sparks from the one caused weird creatures to sparkle and shine he even came across the fact that he was capable of producing sparks from his wand which started to glow if a fish gobbled it up infused about his new colors he departed from the sea and tinted the very first beetle he came across making it glow like the waterborne fish and at that night he furthered his objective by producing more shining beetles till the.

Fields dazzled with his ingenuity he knew for sure that I would get to know what naughtiness he was involved in but I didn’t get the chance to prevent him from trying out the color wand on the green chameleons they grumbled about their new colors but he gradually began to.

Get accustomed to the idea and they even thought the new appearance was very amusing but the newly colored chameleons.

Began to mock the normal ones jeering at how insipid they seemed.

Thus the games of my nephew had to come to an end he returned the one to me and it does come in quite handy for adding a little color to one’s life I really must sort this place out if someone comes in asking for a dog bark remover then it takes me an age to find anything well now this is something I haven’t seen for ages I wonder if it still works regalia Magua what are you doing here Oh regalia.

Pnes busy is he no well now guess you’ll do this my little friend is known as a spirit ball when I place it next to you it reveals the history of your spirit yes wolves obviously your dog soul recalls its wilder past regardless of the different shapes you dogs have.

Assumed wolves are your ancestors your soul can recall how it moved.

In a package now what is that we have here is that.

Human beings I notice mug wall you must be a mixed breed because you possess the spirit of the human dogs inside you human beings have taken note of the ability as you.

Dogs have and made use of your natural qualities to their benefit where now you possess natural as well as human traits let’s find out ah of course the hunting talents of.

Your predecessors the wolf side of your nature can take down prey much bigger in size than itself and.

They encircle the much more feeble animals before killing it Oh the human side of yours recalling the wolf method that’s the human dogs possess similar skills neutrally they work together around the cattle but they have lost their wild instincts because they hunt no more in its place they adhere to what the humans do come again wolves in a pack I understand human beings are now a part of your pack not at all surprising I suppose because the spirit of the.

Dog was not meant to run by itself but to cohabit with a boss to control you now what did you see as this rutting trapped in chains with human beams the head of their pack there are dogs that will always prefer running in Chains agua you need to be cautious of this human side of yours these dogs have permitted their wild side to be controlled the voice of.

Your spirit with time your voice might have undergone some changes but even now you are familiar with the howls of your predecessor now this truly should set an example for your mug wall a mixed breed.

Like you should stick to your wild side and beware of getting affected by human dogs oh wait a minute I’m sorry I really don’t understand what’s happening we must be picking up some negative intrusion from nearby Oh wake up you mutt the spirit ball is picking up your dreams after all I’ve told you poodles really of all the things snakeskin snakeskin Wizards are always asking for snakeskin what I.