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Into thinking that we are connected to the UK because remember the remote server does all the heavy lifting.

And the browsing data is routed through Saturday mote server so we need to pick one in.

The UK so let’s go ahead and tap on servers followed by all servers and I’m just going to scroll down to the United Kingdom if you’re outside the US and you want to watch Netflix you’re just going to do this tutorial.

Kind of in Reverse you’re just going to pick a server inside of the US but because.

We’re focused on planet Earth in today’s video down below in the description there will be a list of usable servers that do function and work when trying to watch planet.

Earth – now for this video I’m going to pick server number 52 that’s UK server 52 and I’m just going to tap on that little on button to the right of it now we are connected.

You can see we have the VPN badge up in the upper left hand corner let’s just go ahead and get a quick close up of that you can see to the right of the.

Wi-Fi indicator we are connected to the VPN currently so now that we’ve done that that’s really all we have to do we can actually watch planet Earth now so let’s go ahead and launch up Safari and let’s go ahead and back all the way out so let’s go back to the main list here and tap on jungles just to ensure that we.

Are reloading and we’re going to tap on watch now and you will notice that it should work this time let’s go ahead and tap on play if.

It doesn’t work for you again you need to back all the way out and here you go you can see that it did pick up from the last.

I was watching it we have planet Earth to fully watchable now of course we’re not in the UK we’re essentially.

Tricking it into thinking that we are in the UK we’re.

Bypassing its region based restrictions so cool some really awesome stuff I definitely recommend utilizing a VPN for something similar to this or really anything.

Else that you would need a VPN for like I said the applications for one are practically endless and if.

You try to watch planet Earth tune you happen to get something pretty pesky asking you if you have a TV licence you just need to tap I have one and you should be able to watch it if not then just back all the way out to the main episode list again and try for a second time and you.

It’s a little bit finicky inside of a web browser but it does work and for the purpose of this video you can see it does so quite well we are fully watching it again here let’s go ahead and back on out guys that’s really what I wanted to highlight in today’s video I’ve been meaning to do a video on the whole concept.

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