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Hey what’s up YouTube it’s ICU and in today’s video while we eagerly await the release of a public usable stable iOS 10 jailbreak I’m going to highlight an awesome application really a service that I think a lot of you will find incredibly helpful and that is a VPN VPN stands for virtual private network we’re going to get into.

Exactly what it is in just a second but let me tell you what we’re going to be highlighting how to watch region restricted content anywhere so for those of you who are outside of the US and you simply cannot watch Netflix utilizing today’s tutorial.

You will be able to use Netflix but because I am in the u.

Something a little bit different I’m going to show you how.

The hit series planet Earth 2 without being in the UK as I’m sure the majority of you who have already tried to watch it and who aren’t in the UK no you definitely have to have an IP address that originates.

In the UK and of course your ISP.

Or Internet service providers are just going to give you a local one that’s where a VPN comes into play though just note that VPNs again their applications.

Extend well beyond just watching region restricted content you’d actually be able to fully secure a.

Public Wi-Fi or data connection and do things such as banking knowing that you are doing so safely and securely.

They also don’t keep any data or at least the good ones like the one I’m going to highlight in today’s.

Video Nord VPN so you can browse the web fully anonymously meaning that no one will have any logs of your data and the best part is that even the servers are the sites that you’re visiting will essentially register the IP address of the VPN as the one that’s doing the connecting and that’s just because of the.

Nature of how VPNs work so now that’s a great segue let’s get into exactly what a VPN does and how it functions first though if you have yet to acquire a VPN application or subscription definitely download Nord VPN it is linked in your cards right now as well as down.

Below in the description you guys are going to have to have one for the purpose of today’s video they’re the absolute best at least when connecting to an iOS device it’s so simple so seamless and again they offer fantastic rates with a free 7-day trial with unlimited access so check it out you have nothing to lose you.

Can at least test it out for a little bit again link down below in the description now a VPN is in essence a server that your device connects to a.

Remote server at a remote location and the one we’re highlighting in today’s video is in the United Kingdom but it really can be anywhere basically all you need to know is that a VPN is a server now that we have that down what happens well essentially your device utilizes your data connection whatever it happens to be whether you’re over cellular a public.

Wi-Fi network or your home Wi-Fi network it just uses whatever connection it has to establish a connection with the remote server and once.

The devices are talking to one another basically then that connection is encrypted via SSL so if anyone were trying to intercept the data.

The browsing data that you’re actually racking up on your device the only thing that they’d be able to see is an encrypted version of it the only things that can decrypt it are your device and the remote server so basically a secure connection and then the IP address of.

Your device is basically registered as that of the remote server.

Which is why this is going to work for watching planet Earth too because it will come up with our IP address as being in the United Kingdom even though I’m definitely in the u. see once that connection is established the remote server does all of the heavy lifting.

So that’s what’s going to be doing the browsing data it’s going to be.

Routed through that server and relayed back to your device via SSL so guys some pretty amazing stuff here and like I said the applications extend well beyond what I’m showing you today.

Get into it we’re going to launch up Safari and I’m going to show you guys that we just can’t watch planet Earth 2 and that is in fact restricted to those with uk-based IP addresses so we’re just going to tap on the jungles episode here followed by watch now and you’ll notice immediately that we do get locked out so let’s go ahead and tap on play one more time and as you can see you.

Might receive a different message but for me it says this content is not currently available on this device please try again.

Later this of course is because we aren’t in the UK I’m actually just going to refresh one more time and show you guys that again we get that message a second.

Time for whatever reason it almost tried to bypass it there without us even being connected to a VPN but of course it stopped us immediately and when we refresh we get this message which is what I’m sure the majority of you have already seen if you’ve tried quote BBC iPlayer only works in the UK well let’s go ahead and circumvent that now utilising Nord VPN now what you have to do to start using Nord VPN or any VPN service is actually configure the VPN inside of the Settings app but because this application is.

Pretty cool you can tap on Quick Connect and then you receive this little iOS prompt asking you if you’d like to allow Nord VPN.

To automatically add the configuration so we can go ahead and tap on allow it brings us over to the settings application and then just asks us to verify we can do that with our password or since we.

Have touch ID we just need to scan our fingerprint and once it has bypassed that again it moves back to north VPN and now the connection has been established so let’s go ahead and press.

The home button I’m going to show you guys inside of Settings General VPN that again it already created the connection so let’s go ahead and tap on the Settings.

App and then just scroll down to VPN and you can see we are currently connected to Nord VPN it’s automatically.

Configured it’s some pretty cool stuff you don’t even have to fiddle with it whatsoever in the old days if you used another service you definitely would have had to have set that up which sometimes can be a tedious pain now we are currently connected to a us-based server that won’t work for the purpose of this video so we’re going to trick it.