Appalachia The Endless Forest The Secrets Of Nature

And on the ancient continent of Pangaea it went further still as the supercontinent broke apart it carried fragments of the great mountain chain around the globe today those lost sections of the Appalachians from the mountains of Scandinavia and Scotland and 250 million years later perhaps that’s why scots-irish immigrants felt so at home in these mountains they were moving from one end of the ancient Appalachians to.

Here in isolated homesteads their own traditions began to evolve and help shape the unique culture of modern Appalachia life was hard for the first settlers in these remote valleys but there were rewards like the breathtaking spectacle of an Appalachian for a season of abundance for people and.

Wildlife getting the Cherokee were and gelila there or heaven and peep through a hole down to see the earth at this time the earth was nothing but wet shapeless mud so they sent turkey vulture the great Buzzard to find somewhere dry enough for.

The Cherokee to live and as he flew over the land looking for dry land he became tired and his wings began to touch the earth which scooped up and formed the mounds in which the Cherokee lived today the southern Appalachians Ridge piled upon rage like waves in a sea of trees raised by the buzzards wings but the.

Creation story that geologists tell.

Is just as wonderful once these mountains rival the Himalayas but time hundreds of millions of years of it have worn this once mighty chained down to its roots roots that are ancient beyond comprehension some of.

The rocks here are more than a billion years old nearly a quarter of the age of the earth itself these ancient rocks were pushed into towering peak but this land wasn’t just a wilderness for the taking people.

Already lived here people with a very different view of this forest world they call themselves onion we’re the real people but to the rest of the world they would soon be known as Cherokee the onion where were bound to these forests to the mountains plants and.

Animals in many ways both practical and spiritual or t-yong we are.

Here oh it’s a legal god though here no God no Eagle he done we Cherokee.

Cannot separate our place on earth from our lives in it nor from our vision and meaningless people we are taught that the trees and even the plants and animals that we share a place with.

Are our brothers and sisters so when we speak of land we do not speak of property territory or even a piece of ground upon which our house is set and our.

Crops are grown we are speaking of something truly sacred the Cherokee have an ancient relationship with these mountains according to their own history they came here a long time ago from a world above this one but for a long time there were.

Few settlers here to witness a Palacios passing seasons the endless ridges and valleys were simply too inaccessible the Cherokee could still travel unheeded through their vast hunting territory all away from modern Georgia to Kentucky they found fields along the river valleys but also relied.

On the abundance of the forests large animals were hunted with bows but for small games they used a blowgun made just over two centuries ago.

Daniel Boone was one of the first adventure into the unknown lands west of America’s East Coast settlements but he soon found himself struggling through a daunting wilderness mile upon mile of forested ridges and valleys.

An ancient chain of mountains that runs all the way down the eastern side of the.

Continent the Appalachian No Cumberland yeah as Daniel Boone fought his way westwards through the Cumberland Gap he found himself in an endless forest teeming with wildlife he was passing through some of the richest temperate.

Forests anywhere on the planet a little wake up in Whipple is news.