Global Warming Will Kill You

That everybody can do to help some consider global warming to be a hoax or regarded as an issue that’s not of immediate concern on the other hand there are many people who find the scientific evidence to be irrefutable and believe.

That action should be taken as soon as possible therefore a first measure for them would be to raise awareness about global warming you can voice your concerns via social media or by talking directly to your elected officials try to make a transition towards renewable energy like wind or solar and try to make your living space more energy-efficient this can be done by sealing drafts and making sure that it’s properly insulated as well as purchasing energy-efficient appliances.

And light bulbs aside from the beneficial impact they have on the environment hybrid and fully electric cars may also save fuel and money if you don’t want to make the transition frequent tune ups and simply making sure your tires are properly inflated can help reduce gas consumption save in water can help to reduce carbon pollution because it takes.
A lot of energy to treat pump and hate the water we.

The production of food also uses a lot of energy and a simple contribution would be to waste less of it there are many other things you can.

Do to help the fight against global warming the first step is getting the correct information so you.

Can then decide to what extent you’re prepared to get involved number.

Two Yama Peninsula the indigenous Nets people in Russia’s llamó Peninsula have had to face the consequences of climate change head-on since their establishments are part of the Arctic Circle Yama which in the language of the indigenous people translates as end of the land has started to experience unpredictable weather and a shortening of the vital winter season in recent years the Nets people mainly rely on.

Reindeer husbandry to support their families in 2013 unusually warm weather brought rain to the peninsula which then throws into a thick layer of ice the reindeer couldn’t dig through the ice to find food so thousands of animals starve to death Russia’s far north is set to experience more unpredictable weather in the future which is actively threatening the livelihood of the nets people number one Alaska Alaska is more than double the size of Texas and its vast wilderness explores a plethora of.

Adventurers to enjoy yet because it’s close to the Arctic the region is already suffering major changes from the negative effects of climate change these come in the form of permafrost melt sea.

Ice retreat and coastal erosion receding ice caps caused landslides so massive that they show up.

On the Richter scale in the past ten years high temperatures have led to an increase in wildfires that have claimed an unprecedented amount of Alaskan forests a figure is set to increase twofold by 2050.