Global Warming Will Kill You

Extensively from the negative impact of climate change global warming is projected to continue over the course of this century and beyond its magnitude depending on the amount of heat-trapping gases that continue to be emitted worldwide projections on the extent of the damage to come range from.

Reserved to apocalyptic the global ocean.

Will become warmer and it will continue rising threatening coastal regions with storm surges and high tides precipitations will change patterns with heavy.

Rainfall and floods becoming more common and more devastated in some areas hurricanes have already become stronger and more frequent in.

The past decades and this is set to increase there are already discussions in the scientific community as a category 6 scale might need to be created numerous.

Species of plants and animals will continue to suffer as a result of climate change global temperatures will steadily rise and the planet will most likely see an.

Increase in droughts wildfires and heat waves a surge in temperature in its most basic sense can lead to more people suffering heat strokes especially those suffering from pre-existing conditions unable to adapt to the extreme weather conditions Georgia’s see Benjamin executive director of.

The American Public Health Association described the process stating at some point your body begins to heat up just like any other object you go through.

A variety of problems you become dehydrated your skin dries out your various organs begin to shut down your kidneys your liver your brain as gross as this may sound you in effect cook number 4 Great Barrier Reef truly one of the natural wonders of the world the Great Barrier Reef spans more than 1,400 miles off the northeast coast of.

Australia it’s the planets largest coral reef system and a major attraction for those passionate about exploring the mysteries of the ocean unfortunately the reef system has lost some of its allure in recent years rising.
Ocean temperatures have led to a large-scale coral bleaching in which the.

Coral turns white and dies in recent years mass die-offs have claimed more than half of the briefs corals number three Amazon rainforest.

The Amazon rainforest is known as the lungs of the world for its ability to absorb large amounts of carbon dioxide and for its production of oxygen.

It may be regarded as a major natural ally in the fight against global warming it covers over 2.
Million miles with around 16,000.

Species of trees not only that but it’s also known for its bountiful and incredibly diverse flora and fauna it’s hard to imagine a world without the Amazon rainforest yet.

Climate change has made it a more fragile environment extreme droughts have left tree species in the area parched.

And more prone to forest fires according to NASA experts should the dry season extend to more.

Than five to seven months trees in the Amazon will begin to die off as it stands the dry season is less than a month from that threshold there were measures being taken and policies put in place by governments around the world to prevent climate change for the purpose of this video we’ll focus on the things.